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Writing Surveillance equipment is used by a variety of people like government agencies, spouses, private investigators, and business and other people needing critical information and evidence. You live in a world that all your moves can be spied. For example, you leave a trail everywhere you surf on the Internet. If you have an EZPass, the government knows where youve been every time you go through a toll booth (and with traffic cameras and special software that can read license plates, it really doesnt matter if you have an EZPass or not). Every phone call, every credit card transaction, every store bonus card virtually anything you do that involves technology takes away a piece of your privacy, or more. Hidden and in-view cameras can be installed at the workplace. A recent survey by the American Management Association revealed that more than half of the employers who responded use video surveillance at work to counter theft, violence, or sabotage. Also, 16% of the employers surveyed used video surveillance to monitor employee performance. The electronic cameras may not contain audio capture. Surveillance cameras may not be placed in locker rooms, shower rooms, bathrooms or employee lounges. Bear in mind also that a full 66% of employers now monitor internet usage at the workplace. Anyway, that not the things I want to care about today. And I only want to introduce some cool devices that you may not have noticed before. We’ve seen spy cameras smartly hidden in pens and watches, but the spy camera t-shirt may get to be the first. The camera is hooked up to a vibrating feedback remote that you could keep hidden in your pocket. Its memory can store over 150 photos in 640×480 resolutions. It’s not something that you can really use in the office unless you’ve got Casual Wednesdays or Fridays but you can literally capture any scene in front of you whenever you want (or need) to. You have known that Lighter is a .mon thing in life, while there is a 2.0MP pinhole spy camera, which is disguised like a real lighter. When you press the button, this lighter does not shot flame but starts to record. What a interesting disguise! This cool black brief case can surprise you a lot as a spy camera which can help you record anything you like in secret! With 4GB memory and high definition image, this digital video recorder will meet your basic needs then! Good quality and exquisite design; it is worthy of purchasing! This cool black brief case can surprise you a lot as a spy camera which can help you record anything you like in secret! This fashionable leather briefcase with a built-in color pinhole camera and microphone, great for secret missions! The camera faces out from the side by zipper and is well hidden even on close inspection. The camera is very easy to operate and no installation is required. To operate you just plug and play. It’s special for reporter. If you just like me, and interested in the different cool spy cameras, you can visit PickEgg, there are hundreds of spy devices offered there, which will give you a realeye-opener. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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