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The dance industry leading to regional economic development — Gansu channel — original title: Yumen dance industry leading regional economic development according to the Jiuquan Daily reported: in Yumen Yumen Economic Development Zone, industrial zone, but did not feel, here the road spacious flat, extending in all directions, building reasonable planning, energy conservation and environmental protection, tree lined roads the flowers bloom. Yumen economic development zone is the vanguard of economic development of Yumen City, there are more than and 90 enterprises, 12 Enterprises above designated size. 2015, the park completed 2 billion 600 million yuan of industrial output value, industrial added value of 545 million yuan. Jinhui the Great Wall electrical equipment company is Yumen City Economic Development Zone enterprises is one of the first, Yumen City new energy equipment manufacturing enterprises, mainly the production of 750kW wind turbine tower 1500kW of different types and different types of taxes more than 20 million yuan a year. Into the plant, more than and 10 large trucks fully equipped for wind turbine tower. The workshop, arc flash, weld spatter, large sliding crane moving slowly, the workers are working overtime to make the tower. In this year’s downtown pressure on the economy to increase the environment, Jinhui the Great Wall production efficiency to maintain stability, has produced more than and 200 sets of wind turbine tower, realize the output value of nearly 200 million yuan. In Yumen Economic Development Zone, the Great Wall has such big Jinhui manufacturing products of large enterprises, there are 35 SME business park Small and micro businesses settled. These enterprises with the park, convenient traffic conditions, the development of building materials, automotive trade, agricultural products processing and manufacturing, logistics and other small processing trade projects. Yun Rui water pipes is one of them, they recycle waste agricultural water-saving sewer pipes, making pit wells are popular star products. In recent years, Yumen Economic Development Zone in accordance with the "birth of industrial chain project, project group to build industrial group" new ideas, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system with distinctive characteristics, industrial agglomeration, chain development, formed by the wind turbine tower and accessories, fan blades, photovoltaic bracket based new energy the equipment manufacturing industry, with the annual manufacturing tower of 1500 sets and 500 sets of fan blade industry scale; agricultural products deep processing industries in beer malt, hops extract, wolfberry fruit and vegetable processing, processing, grass particle based, radiating around the industry base of more than 100 thousand acres; to dry cement, stone processing and mineral products select the main mining building materials industry; to the small and medium-sized enterprise business park, Shunxing logistics park, agricultural products circulation center involves the transportation of coal, Chinese herbal medicine, circulation of agricultural product storage and transportation for the support of producer services Industry, providing convenient conditions for the park cargo throughput and material exchange. To the end of August, the development zone of industrial added value of 334 million yuan, representing a growth of 14.28%. (Lin Xiaoyan) (Zhou Wanting: Jiao long, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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