The Democratic Party of Japan new high-level personnel for forming the basic Renho supporters –

The Democratic Party of Japan new high-level personnel for forming the basic Renho supporters – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to Japanese media reports, the Democratic Party of Japan according to relevant sources, the party leader Lian Fang 19 days this month, initially decided to use the former land and transport phase Sumio Mabuchi in the new leadership at the optional strategy committee for long. Mabuchi received the same day, Lian Fang hand out of the olive branch". In addition, the president of the Democratic Party of Japan government investigation has been determined by the agent Zhengdiaohui on bozch to grow up. At present, the party secretary general, 3 deputy leader and chairman of Congress response have been decided, the basic shape of high-level personnel. Japan’s Democratic Progressive Party will convene the 21 plenary session of the house of Representatives last night, and strive through the above personnel arrangements. In support of the Democratic Party of Japan Lian Fang in the first election of the members of this party is very conspicuous, also appeared in the voices of discontent, "said senior candidates for a strong color" (backbone person language). The party’s first election with Renho competition of former foreign minister Maehara Makotoshi and vice chairman Tamaki Yuichiro is not expected to senior positions. It is understood that Ma Yuan was elected 5 times Japan congressman, had to choose in the original era of the Democratic Party chairman. He was also from the Director Tian jayanta faction belongs to nagano. Financial province of the birth of a string of 4 elected members, had served as assistant to the prime minister Noda government. The party’s first election, the big string is recommended by Lian fang. The Democratic Party of Japan will serve as the leader of the country, Azumi agent before the environment small field Ho Chi to support member of Changan Lian fang. Will remain in office deputy leader Jiangtian Kenji is also considered Lian Fang’s supporters. To the chairman of the country on the agent of Nagayama I and members from belonging to the pre primary school. In the first election although he support before the original, but once the opposition field served as chairman of the ruling country, and Noda close.相关的主题文章:

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