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The EU or sentenced guilty of tax avoidance of apple   Apple needs to pay 19 billion dollars — Finance — according to foreign media reports, the European Commission will soon verdict on apple in the Irish tax case. If convicted, Apple may need to pay the $19 billion tax evasion. However, the ruling is likely to face a strong boycott from the U.S. government. Last week, foreign media reported that the U.S. Treasury Department said the European Commission to put pressure on the hope that the EU would not have prejudice against American companies, otherwise it will. In fact, Apple’s tax avoidance investigation is only the tip of the iceberg". The EU will also require follow-up may be Starbucks, Amazon, McDonald’s and other dozens of U.S. companies pay the penalties for tax evasion in parts of Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and other tax havens in the past few years. The involvement of the U.S. government has gradually transformed the issue from the issue between the Apple Corp and the European Union into a contradiction between the world’s top two economies, highlighting the political implications of the event. On Wednesday, the Obama administration said on the matter to the EU, the EU for U.S. companies, including apple, Amazon, Starbucks and other tax investigations will cause very unfortunate international tax precedent. Then, a white paper released by the US Treasury pointed out that the EU is becoming the world’s tax police, and warned that if the European Commission announced that apple "guilty", "the U.S. Treasury will consider retaliatory measures". U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lu? Often accused the Commission of American company survey. The European Commission responded that the investigation of all companies operating in Europe equally, and not specifically for u.s.. According to the EU estimates, tax avoidance tax losses to the EU each year up to 70 billion euros. But the Treasury believes that if the EU allows us companies such as apple "Bushui", the final pay will be U.S. taxpayers. Because the United States allow multinational companies before the overseas income tax can be repatriated and delay. Once the EU survey of American companies that it should pay taxes, pay taxes in this part can be used to offset the U.S. tax payable. So at present the nature of the debate, and not apple and other U.S. companies should pay the tax, it should be handed over to the who. The U.S. Treasury Department said in the white paper, the EU’s behavior is very disturbing, because this is essentially equivalent to the U.S. government and taxpayers to transfer payments to the eu. The white paper also pointed out that the two input scenarios more "disturbing", if the EU investigation concluded that American companies need Bushui, will set a bad precedent for other countries, especially developing countries, to follow the practice of the European Union, European and American companies to pay punitive tax. The U.S. Treasury Department’s white paper directed at the EU, the wording is no longer a moderate diplomatic, more direct threat. Analysts believe that if the EU really for apple out of tax "tickets", the United States may not only in terms of taxation. While the EU did not seem to give the meaning of the United States, and in many respects)相关的主题文章:

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