The exhibition will be held with 87 pieces of Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts pork face

Jifute exhibition will bring 87 works of Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts unveiled artist Anselm Keifer after participating in and planning for more than two years, Keifer opened the first station in the China tour has been determined from November 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017 at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum on. The exhibition includes 87 pieces of paintings, sculptures, installations and photographic works created by Keifer since 1980s. Held "Bois in China" exhibition was 2013 Art Museum of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Bois as Keifer’s spiritual mentor, they had often together to explore the problem, in order to highlight the two World Masters and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum Special Exhibition of fate, so Keifer still continue to use the name "Bois in Chinese" title mode. Anselm Keifer is the main representative of the new German Expressionism, is one of the most important artists of contemporary. The artistic style of the new German Expressionism began in 1960s. Its rise at the end of modernism continues the long tradition of European painting, once in the 80s of last century set off a discussion on the return of painting. It is based on the German Expressionism, pay attention to the history and reality, promote the innovation of the language of painting, broke the American pop art, minimalism and abstract art dominant situation, become one of the main forms of the western art. Keifer’s works include painting, sculpture, installation, photography, etc., but each type is beyond its own inherent form. His works, both in terms of volume or theme, have epic qualities. Among them, he faces the darkness in the history of Germany, and explores the taboos hidden in the collective memories, and they are intertwined with the German myth, the universe and the deep thinking of the nature of faith. He has the extraordinary ability to hold both strong emotional and serious themes. His artistic creation has made great contributions to the revival of European art. Keifer in 1980, together with George baselli, on behalf of Germany to participate in the thirty-ninth Venice biennale. The first contact with the art of Keifer, always in the moment by its strong and even the shock of the visual effects to seize. The space field in his works full of grand, magnificent and dignified, with a strong visual power. In addition to the size of large, this force, largely from his works in the material on the "physical" borrowing, conversion and expression. Lead, iron and steel, cement, soil, water, ash, emulsion, stone, asphalt, plastic, dried flowers, branches, straw, paper, photos and so on, are involved in the construction works. In this regard, Keifer has talked about, I regard painting as a test of the material." He added, "I think there is something in the material." when I use objects such as straw or lead, I find the spirit of these objects". The press conference curator of Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Wang Huangsheng to the media and the audience that the Keifer exhibition features, a large number of works on display, Keifer; second, the type of works including painting, sculpture, synthetic materials and so on, fully reflects its artistic characteristics;.相关的主题文章:

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