The girl punctured the heart blood of 2000 ml 10 hours miraculously survived the Sohu

The girl punctured the heart blood of 2000 ml 10 hours miraculously survived the 12 year old Xu Ling – Sohu news Metropolis Daily News yesterday afternoon, Kim Dipu Yingshan Fu Qiao Cun tragedy, a man with a knife stabbed his wife and 12 year old daughter. The girl’s heart was broken, dying. Fortunately, due to the large number of ejected blood clots blocking in the heart wound, win time to rescue. Yesterday morning, after the "heart surgery" girl out of danger. 12 year old Xu Ling (alias) is a six year old student in Yingshan, the mother paid, in 2012 with her ex husband because of emotional discord after divorce, Xu Ling has been living with his father’s life. In 2013, Fu Mou married a man Wang mou. The Spring Festival this year, pay a return to the village, Xu Ling village from home to father and mother. Two yesterday afternoon, Fumou ready to take Xu Ling to the home of her ex husband, two people just sit on a motorcycle to pay her husband, Wang suddenly ran out of the house, let a pay off, but some refused to pay, so Wang took out a 10 cm long knife to stab her, Fumou back stabbed fall from the car, Wang Mou and holding the dagger in Xu Ling’s chest stabbed two knife, and to pay a chest stabbed, mother and daughter on the spot. When Xu Ling was sent to the local hospital rescue, doctors found Xu Ling heart was pierced, leading to hemorrhagic shock, at any time may not be guaranteed, due to limited local conditions, Xu Ling was transferred to the Central South hospital. At 30 a.m. yesterday morning, Xu Ling was sent to the operation room through the green channel. Zhao Jinping, a professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the hospital, and a deputy chief physician, Zhou Xuefeng, began surgery immediately. During the operation, the doctor found that Xu Ling’s right ventricle had a 3cm break, which happened to be blocked by a block formed by blood coagulation, which did not lead to persistent bleeding, otherwise it would have been killed on the spot. Open the packet, take the bleeding clot, and the blood gushed out. The doctor presses the wound with his hand to stop the bleeding, and does the suture operation quickly, and adopts the autologous transfusion technique to carry out blood transfusion. After more than 3 hours of surgery, Xu Ling’s heart gap was repaired, vital signs stable. Yesterday morning, Xu Ling woke up and was able to communicate with people. Patients with normal right ventricular rupture will die within 30 minutes, with a rescue success rate of less than 10%. Xu Ling spent ten hours from injury to surgery, and it was a miracle to be able to survive." Zhou Xuefeng introduction, Xu Ling surgery before blood loss 2000 ml. blood pressure is extremely weak. Thanks to the blood clot blocking the heart rupture, plus the doctor timely and accurate rescue, created a miracle of life. Pay a lighter injury, after the rescue of the local hospital out of danger. Yesterday morning, Xu Ling’s father rushed to the hospital, see the bed of the daughter crying. Yingshan County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade captain Xia Yonggang introduced, Wang has been under criminal detention.

女孩被刺破心脏10小时 失血2000毫升奇迹生还-搜狐新闻 12岁的徐玲   楚天都市报讯 前天下午,英山县金家铺镇付桥村发生惨剧,一男子持刀捅伤妻子和12岁的继女。女孩的心脏被捅破,生命垂危。万幸的是,由于大量喷出的血液结成凝块“堵”在心脏伤口,为抢救赢得了时间。昨天凌晨,经过“补心”手术后女孩脱险。   12岁的徐玲(化名)是英山一名六年级学生,母亲付某2012年与前夫因感情不和离婚后,徐玲一直跟着亲生父亲生活。2013年,付某与男子汪某结婚。今年春节,付某回到村里,徐玲也从邻村父亲家中来和母亲团聚。   前天下午两点,付某准备带徐玲去前夫家中,两人刚刚坐上付某妹夫的摩托车,汪某突然从屋子里跑出来,让付某下车,但付某不肯,于是汪某掏出一把长10厘米的匕首刺向她,付某背部被刺从车上掉下,汪某又持匕首朝徐玲胸部连捅两刀,又向付某胸口刺了一刀,母女俩当场昏迷。   当徐玲被送到当地医院抢救时,医生发现徐玲心脏被刺穿,导致失血性休克,随时可能性命不保,由于当地条件有限,徐玲被紧急转送到中南医院。   昨日凌晨零点30分,徐玲通过绿色通道被送进手术室,医院胸心外科教授赵金平、副主任医师周雪峰立即开始手术。   手术中,医生发现徐玲右心室有一个3cm的破口,恰巧被血液凝固后形成的包块封堵,才没有导致持续大出血,否则早已当场丧命。打开包块取出血凝块,鲜血顿时喷涌而出。医生一边用手按压住伤口止血,一边快速做缝合手术,并采取自体输血技术进行输血。3个多小时的手术后,徐玲的心脏缺口被补好,生命体征稳定。昨天上午,徐玲苏醒并可与人交流。   “一般右心室破裂的患者都会在30分钟内死亡,抢救成功率不到一成。徐玲从受伤到手术共耗费十个小时,能够生还真是奇迹。”周雪峰介绍,徐玲手术前已失血2000毫升,血压极其微弱。幸亏血凝块堵住心脏破口,加上医生及时准确施救,创造了生命的奇迹。   付某伤势较轻,经过当地医院抢救脱离了危险。   昨天上午,徐玲的亲生父亲赶到医院,看到病床上的女儿泣不成声。   英山县公安局刑侦大队中队长夏永刚介绍,目前汪某已被刑事拘留。相关的主题文章:

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