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The "good story" ready to broadcast   Mengman; Yu Junjian sits mentor group — entertainment channel — after three consecutive season and earned brilliant athletics competition, by Shen Tao, will preside over thousands of four "Zhejiang TV Chinese good story" will be held on September 13th (Tuesday) 22:00 heavy return. The new season of the "good story" from the program format item links, content, to mentor team players and visual choreography, completed a comprehensive upgrade: students are no longer confined to camps Open Auditions, more exciting and a new type of novel clearance link and creative, make this a strong cultural atmosphere show, showing a more exciting, interesting and interactive entertainment; famous music performing artist Yu Junjian, Beijing University history professor Qian Wenzhong of Fudan University and Dr. Mengman composed of new mentors, also let a person shine at the moment, there will be more people look forward to the surprise and bring fresh anticipation for the show. The new season of the "good story" reborn Yu Junjian Mengman surprise join the new season of the "good story" upgrade is "reborn": first in the program changed the old school students against the form, but by the team into auditions for individual battles, different personality it is more help to show players. In each of the programs on the subject, but also by the comprehensive test originally all rivers run into sea uninhibited, into a special type for a Book of masterpiece classics, knowledge investigation point more clearly, for the audience, but also more likely to have this masterpiece more in-depth and thorough understanding and understanding, enhance interest in learning. In addition, the stage design program is also showing a find everything fresh and new visual effects. Both the wallop of scroll type background, other players answer sets of bamboo stand, or add a mentor seat design are showing vote, ancient elegant yet majestic atmosphere of human style. Especially the audience surprise is the new heavyweight mentor group, in addition to the Fudan University professor Qian Wenzhong return glory, famous music artists such as Yu Junjian and Dr. Mengman joined Peking University history undoubtedly bring the audience great surprise. As this show only a female mentor Mengman, and by the audience because of the outstanding programs in "Lecture Room" in knowledge charm. By virtue of "what also don’t say," "little Poplar", "to tell the truth" and other well-known military songs, and Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River Yu Junjian, is called the "good story" of the season in a fresh light. In fact, the music artist’s literary attainments are very high, has published a number of essays, poetry, calligraphy and other works, but also held a personal exhibition, is a very low-key literary and art. The new revision system P hero through various auditions in the fourth quarter of the "good story" in the new revision of the system, not only more fun and interactive, tension and stimulate the degree of a substantial upgrade, P. First of all, the contestants are no longer confined to the school’s students, but open for the community auditions collection story master. Among these, there are love stories and literature have meat security)相关的主题文章:

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