The Gunners face forward yield satisfactory another nerve knife death

Arsenal striker hit the face and yield satisfactory performance of the resurrection of Walcott dying nerve knife brighten sina sports is not a particularly enjoyable victory, before rumors of interim manager and management, with the city of Hull is not falling apart in the home court really make what trouble to Arsenal 4-1, gunmen made the first the Premier League last season’s 3 game winning streak since Christmas, cross season unbeaten journey also continue to 8 games. This game, Arsenal play is not perfect, lack of strength advantages plus the opponent combat capability, is the main reason for the victory over arsenal. However, a scoring 3 ball victory, fans can read some good news from. Among them, Walcott since the start of the season, recovery, is a fairly happy point. Experienced greatly disappointed last season, and joined 10 years of ups and downs, 27 year old Walcott has indeed come to a fork in the road occupation career. On the record, "Little Tigers" is absolutely the older generation, A Senna’s theory of strength, with unstable characteristics he sometimes can really make the top performance, the second half of last season was "universally condemned" in the end, in the state of health of England’s whereabouts is indeed a big blow to Walcott: after 2006 17, soy sauce 2008 team missed the final lap, in 2014 2010, injured, 27 year old Walcott has only really experienced a 2012 European Cup contest. After the fight, Walcott June invited private education began training for a rebirth is the new season. Last year, Walcott in the Champions League can be regarded as the real effect of black miserable, the current difficult to the following conclusions. But judging from the fans and the media, at least in attitude, Walcott has been a great change. Last season and played the ball sometimes timid, do not dare to dispute than Walcott this season in all competitions so far, are running up and down the show their enthusiasm, whether offensive or defensive. Last season, Wenger repeatedly hudu mentioned "off the ball" the game is also the perfect embodiment of Arsenal’s first 3 goals, the first from his "pass like shooting", the second is the "little tiger" and iwobi two had a match after scoring third goals, he is out of a shot, after failing to tip, in addition, Walcott still in the latter stages of the first half made a penalty (Sanchez missed), is the source of the game a lot of offensive arsenal…… So, there are still many fans do not buy it. And that, actually look at the scene, Walcott played the field still not good, many times have become "finisher", stopping three meters, the ball passing errors, surrounded by breaking into the scene which is still It is often seen., there are still a part of a group of fans on the views of the causes of judgment. In fact, Walcott so far this season is still a "black" player, seems to be "the face" has become a standard feature of Arsenal striker, and Giroux, Walcott is also good at make a contribution in the black, and is the most direct goal, then, is in ".相关的主题文章:

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