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The headlines, madman can when the president, the shoe Kanye sure poor Sohu recently the United States presidential election, Trump beat Hilary and became the new president. It also makes many Americans feel sad and disappointed. However, with the president’s upsurge, a star also followed the popular rub. He is our old friend Kanye West (Kanye · European Marley · West), of course we always love the kind of call him "kan ye". I’m here because the majority of people believe that since a madman can become president, the rap, shoes, the bar is certainly not a bad thing. The reason for the matter from last year’s MTV Music Video Awards ceremony, the real character of the ridge in the ten minutes of the speech, and even said he took a tube in the background. Flying big ye ye but the last sentence "And Yes, As Probably Could In This Guessed, I have decided, In 2020 To Run President." is the most critical of the ve For Moment. At this moment we are not mistaken, Kan Ye unexpectedly announced that he will participate in the 2020 presidential election in the United states. When the fly Kanye big commitment by many friends laugh, loved by the users also have to play the hand piece strengths involved. For example the small as it ran for President: I think there is no much difference in the wine on the table with bragging he announced his candidacy useless anyway, don’t choose friends Beckham: after the American people will say "Beyonce MV is always the best." Netizen Xiao Ming: how to evaluate the first lady shooting sex tape? What was the experience of seeing the first lady sex tape? But after a year today, we can’t help but complain: "it’s not surprising that Mr Kan is running for president."." There are a large number of users on the same day Trump victory, call Kanye, 2020 he was running for president to. More users directly draw the future of the United States to become the president of the appearance, sitting in the White House, he was wearing the presidential version of the adidas suit, and on the desk filled with his handsome photos. At present this article Twitter has more than 180 thousand users point praise. Look at some of the public said this is the ridge Ye themselves and make fun of himself, in this is correct. The above is not Kanye himself, this is my Twitter account Kanye, certified + tick Oh ~ also has a twitter users to find the Trump a few years ago, mentioned in the text, in addition to Obama, the future will not appear black president of the United states." This also allows a large number of users to push Kanye in the 2020 election, with the strength to go out of Sichuan相关的主题文章:

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