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The incarnation of Baron Chen the vampire play too hi   another celestial, entertainment channel, recently, is mango TV hit love actual reality show "the golden Bachelor" frequently hot off the network, "routine" out of the yacht in the second phase of the program to send private climax, it is reported that in third the program will be broadcast in the "play" Baron Chen will be the embodiment of the handsome vampire, held a costume party at that time, villa, witch, maid, sexy lingerie show full debut, red wine, beautiful and handsome, very seductive! There are dressed as the celestial goddess Tang Zhuoyi on the spot "zhizunbao sword", staged the "Westward Journey" classic plot tear. In the upcoming Saturday broadcast of the third phase of the "golden Bachelor" in Sanya, the villa will be staged a seductive "drag ball", the incarnation of Baron Chen handsome vampire, the goddess who is full of tricks, Wu Danni, Shen Chen’s maid by Indoorsman sought after, Zhang micro a sexy slim, dark dress, big show good figure, it is Baron Chen praise as "the most beautiful goddess tonight", however, the most CP and master the sense of non goddess Wen Jun is a witch, her dark dress, with sharp fangs and deep eyes, no arrests than it is reported that, Baron Chen is playing too. On the spot directly "bite" up, what about what happened, so let the young master "difficult to control"? The students from Guangdong Tang Zhuoyi, starting from the nature of funny elves, the first phase of the program, and frequently "choke", Baron Chen sweet two people "and their mutual match each other in the same frequency of the people", in the third phase of the program will be broadcast this week, two people finally to sweet body made of dog food! Even with a bed, massage each other, others envy. Tang Zhuoyi not only turned the celestial sword, "Monkey King" Baron Chen, played the "Westward Journey" in the classic plot, in the "truth" link and Baron Chen showed a full understanding, to master the eyes, but also on the spot light is sit up and take notice, "pink". On Saturday twelve noon mango TV broadcast of the "golden Bachelor", third, please bring dog food, please look forward to! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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