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"The last warrior" on Ren Zhengbin and then pick the villain banner – Sohu entertainment entertainment news as Zhengbin Sohu directed by famous director Tan Qiao, a collection of lufangsheng, Shi Anni, Ren Zhengbin and many other powerful actor of the blood war drama "the last soldier" in November 4th will be landing Beijing television channel capital theatre. In the play, Xiangxi leather Tun Anti Japanese uprising as the background, the story of the Xiangxi tribe’s son put the Dragon Feng Shi (lufangsheng ornaments) in the Miao people led the revolt against the Kuomintang Tuen rent system at the same time, with the Communist Party, the Kuomintang Anti Japanese war story together to protect our homes and defend our country. The old play bone Ren Zheng Bin played in the drama of the sinister Xiangxi national government Commissioner Song Shilian. Ren Zhengbin played the role of Song Shilian is a purpose, unscrupulous role. The main purpose of Song Shilian came to Xiangxi from the provincial capital is to let the dawn ran hand over Bingquan, so as to make themselves in charge of Party forces. However, strong dragon snakes but, although Song Shilian is still not exhausted, ran down the dawn of warlords. Later encountered Song Shilian in the Japanese War of aggression against China, Guqiu countries hate, between nations resolutely chose to carry the Japanese flag, finally died in the hands of Japanese. It is reported that the long span cable drama, in addition to the war, but also the relationship between ethnic groups, Guqiu countries hate so many elements. So when it comes to this role, Song Shilian Ren Zhengbin said: "Shilian song is a very contradictory role, in order to complete their pursuit of power, he played all the scheming, exhausted despicable means, is a villain. But the Chinese people in the time of peril, Song Shilian can lay down their own desires, to the original enemy unanimously, would die again and again. In the end, he gave his precious life for the victory of the war of resistance against japan. I think this ending also let Song Shilian this role has been sublimated."相关的主题文章:

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