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The latest poll said Hilary leading Trump lead – election tension Beijing Beijing on 27 October, according to Central News Agency reported on 26, from the U. s.presidential election in less than 2 weeks, the swing state of tight election. The latest polls show the gap between the democratic and Republican candidates back to the error range, tension, whirling election, several swing states tense atmosphere is particularly obvious. 26 released the latest national polls show that the Democratic candidate Hilary to 44% to 41%, only the leading opponent of the Republican candidate, Trump, by the end of the year, there are still 10% voters to support the third party, the decision has not yet been 4%. The same poll shows that Hilary last week, also ahead of 6 percentage points (45% to 39%), and then push forward for a week, the gap between the 2 is still 7 percentage points (45% to 38%). The poll also pointed out that if only two candidates showdown, Hilary and Trump’s poll is 49% to 44%, the gap of 5 percentage points in the margin of error. The gap was 7 percentage points a week ago. Although generally optimistic about the Democratic candidate Hilary, but a part of a hotly contested spot tight election, the election was tense, whirling, several swing states especially tense atmosphere. In addition, Trump on whether to accept the election results of the talks, has been part of diehard supporters continue to ferment, and expand and support the rift between voters in Hilary.相关的主题文章:

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