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"On the bottom" startling step by step "ratings of painting" double "cloud" against the startling step by step "cloud painted Moonlight" Sina entertainment news   South Korea KBS2TV Monday Tuesday drama "clouds Moonlight" last night ratings soared, in one fell swoop from the ratings countdown to the first rise to the first, and last night launch of the new SBS drama "Li" is a startling step by step: single digit ratings ranked in the ratings charts the last one. According to South Korean ratings company this morning released the latest data, "painting clouds Moonlight" last night a record 16% national ratings, the achievement and the play last week 8.5% ratings compared to almost doubled, let "clouds Moonlight" in the ratings list jumped from the bottom first to the first. SBS TV drama "startling step by step: Li" last night although broadcast two episodes, but failed to do so to usher in the opener, first set and second set of ratings were only 7.4% and 9.3%, ranked last in the ratings list. MBC on Monday, Tuesday, the "monster" last night hit 10% of the ratings, ranking in the ratings list in the top second. Lu Dong Yin text copyright Mydaily (reprinted ban: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章:

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