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A lot of mature bank like Zhang Weiping: he can adapt to the alliance ESPN interview with Yi Jianlian: well prepared before the big center for a training camp in suspense Author: yuan ESPN senior editor of the United States on September 16, 2016 morning, the NBA Losangeles Lakers training hall in front of the door stood with the reporter, this is the first official Yi Jianlian at the Lakers, everyone for him to. Yi Jianlian appeared in the Lakers training hall Lakers PR Director John – when the door opened the training hall, the coach, the coach is wearing a training suit in the shot on the spot in, when he was in the. He scored several three points, John smiled and told reporters: "see, who said he doesn’t adapt to the NBA three line? He could pull the opening space." Short shot soon ended, the media are in the other half site training rush on like a swarm of hornets, Tariq in the Black directed the direction to do a few exaggerated facial expressions. Later I asked if he was surprised to see Yi Jianlian can attract so many reporters, Black said he was surprised, from the start of training camp and one week will be able to attract so many journalists, but only Kobe can do. As Black said, it is still a week away from the Lakers’ training camp and a lot of players and staff are not in place. But for Yi, he has already opened a "highest state of readiness". In an interview with me later, he said he was not in the recovery and adjustment stage, but has been fully prepared. A joint training camp is very clear how important it is for him, if not satisfied with the state transfer of coaches and teammates in training camp, he is very difficult to get plenty of playing time in the first, expect, forecast and analysis all are also unable to verify. I and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak on the Arab League conducted a separate communication. Kupchak said: "he is not the same as before, he is more mature, is a real man. He has made significant progress in communicating with people, and I think this is one of the most important things he needs to do here. It’s important to play well, but it’s more important to communicate and cooperate with others." I asked the library a sharp question, the Lakers signed the Arab League in the end is purely for basketball reasons or mixed with the Chinese market considerations? A joint contract is not guaranteed, the Lakers on the Arab League, how much real trust? The library is very sure to say: "of course, the reasons for basketball! Yi Jianlian’s ability to know, he can move quickly, you can vote in the middle, and now NBA’s popular game to adapt to his technical features. The most important thing is that he has been improving in the past few years. In a word, I think he will play back much better than last time, we signed him not just try, I put this contract as an investment, I believe this will have a good return on investment." I and my ESPN colleagues, the Lakers and the team reporter Baxter (Baxter Holmes) in a video discussion for the American audience also mentioned our views on the Arab league. We have talked about the expectations of the United Arab Emirates from the media perspective of China and the United states.相关的主题文章:

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