The man was the person in charge of the unit agreed to lend funds 5 days return still jailed for new-magicq

The man was the person in charge of the unit agreed to lend funds 5 days after the return of the new network in Sichuan is still jailed for online news (reporter Wu Li Wang Xiaoyan He Xianfei) Nanchong City, a unit of financial personnel, units of misappropriation of funds 100 thousand yuan, do business lend a friend’s sister, only 5 days after the return of the loan. In November 1st, a reporter from the Shunqing District People’s court was informed that the financial personnel’s behavior constituted the crime of misappropriation of funds, the day before the hospital was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years and 6 months, suspended for 1 years and 6 months. Borrow 100 thousand yuan unit person in charge agreed in July 24, 2012, Zhang Shouqing because of the project funds nervous, 100 thousand yuan of money, he found his brother Zhang Shouqiao. Zhang Shouqiao please help Lin Pingshu, a unit financial staff. However, Lin Ping said he did not have money, but the money can be borrowed on the unit account. Then, when a Shouqiao Book Lin Ping and Zhang Shouqing, to the person in charge of the unit Xu Yuanpeng (handled separately) call, consent. Lin Ping will turn 100 thousand yuan from the unit account to Zhang Shouqing. In July 29th, Zhang Shouqing will be 100 thousand yuan in cash to the book of Lin Ping, the same day, Lin Ping book money into the unit of account. Later, Lin Ping has been reported in the survey, the acceptance of the relevant departments, truthfully confessed the facts of the crime of misappropriation of funds. The court: the case of crime of misappropriation of funds jailed for 1 years 6 months Shunqing District People’s court that the defendant Lin Ping as the units involved in the staff, the management of financial facilities, misappropriation of unit account funds for personal use, making activities, the larger amount, their behavior has violated the criminal law, constitute embezzlement the crime, "criminal law" should be in accordance with the first paragraph of article 272nd "companies, enterprises or other units of staff, taking advantage of his position, misappropriation of the unit funds loans for personal use or to others, a relatively large amount, more than three months is not yet, or are not more than three months, but the amount is large, for profit-making activities, or conduct illegal activities, three years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention; misappropriation of huge amount of money of the unit, or the amount of a If he is not returned, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years. The court held that the time for misappropriation of funds raised by the defender is only 5 days, and all the facts before the incident and the fact that the review identified. The defendant Lin Pingshu justice truthfully confessed his crime, the discretion given a lighter punishment. The court of First Instance sentenced to 1 years in prison and sentenced to imprisonment for a period of up to 1 months, suspended for a period of up to 6 months. (characters in the text is a pseudonym)相关的主题文章:

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