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The man will be POS bound merchant predetermined their bank card cheated 5 yuan – Beijing net Changsha November 2nd news (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Shixian intern Zhang Ge) to pay for the convenience of customers, many businesses will be installed on a POS machine. But now when you install the POS machine to be careful, perhaps you do not pay attention to the transaction through the POS machine will be transferred to someone else’s Bank card. Police, businesses if the use of POS machines with customers for financial settlement, the funds will generally be in the next day into the merchant account. Furong district Changsha city of Yang Bin (a pseudonym) from the day of the time difference to see the "business": he first put the POS bound merchants scheduled their bank cards, and then give them installed, has moved more than 5 yuan of funds business. Under the guidance of Yang Bin, a telecommunications mobile phone store in Mawangdui, the installation of a POS machine. Liang Wei in the POS machine brush 100 yuan. In order to obtain the trust, Yang Bin on the second day of the one hundred yuan to the Liang Wei bank account, won his trust. After Yang Bin and friends for a 5 people to buy a total of 4 apple 6PLUS mobile phone and a HUAWEI mobile phone, a total of more than 30 thousand yuan, with no beam dimension POS until after closing for. Another deceived Yang Lin was approached twenty thousand yuan after being reported. At present, 5 of the gang left a suspect at large. The door handle POS machine business staff, police remind: businesses should check their work certificates, keep contact, see subordinate units have corresponding aptitude, focus on the POS machine credit card arrival time, account inquiry, error handling, maintenance and other provisions of the agreement.相关的主题文章:

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