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The national day of the Xi’an subway passenger will exceed ten million Internet ticket scan code take western network (reporter Yan Shanyu) National Day golden week is coming, is expected during the national day of the Xi’an subway passenger will exceed 10 million passengers. The Xi’an subway will shorten the running interval with the "Golden Week" according to the Xi’an subway passenger traffic forecast, the national day from September 30th to October 7th a total operation plan, 8 days, large passenger flow will be concentrated in the north station, North Street, bell tower, Hamlet, stadium, exhibition center, South Wei Qu, Defender village, Seoul Road, road rehabilitation, textile city the station. In order to adapt to network traffic changes, and constantly improve the level of service, according to the previous holiday passenger flow distribution, September 30th 13, Xi’an metro line one or two will advance into the peak operation, peak traffic interval line is shortened to 4 minutes and 16 seconds, hours of capacity increased 5%, line two, shortened to 2 minutes and 58 seconds. The capacity to improve to meet the 9% hours, go out to visit and travel class overlay traffic demand, ensure the ride comfort during the festival. National Day holiday Xi’an subway implementation of a security model of the Xi’an subway for the re classification and refinement of contraband. During the festival, the Xi’an subway executive level security mode "will check every package, every solution will check, every doubt will be asked to focus the station, increase security forces, to maintain a good platform, station hall and entrance into and out of order, to avoid cross channel passenger station, to ensure the smooth, prevent the occurrence of congestion. The October 6th World Cup 12 strong Asian Championships held in Shaanxi stadium, in response to changes in passenger traffic, Xi’an Metro will ensure that the majority of fans travel smoothly through to open the train, increase the security personnel, the early sale of a variety of ways such as prefabricated ticket. The internet ticket only three Hamlet and other six stations in the Xi’an subway ticket is desirable, the administrative center of the north station station, bell tower station, station, five road station, Xiao Zhai Textile City station six station has opened the internet ticket, passengers are advised to advance through the WeChat "Xi’an Metro" to buy tickets in advance, the station through the Internet ticketing machine only 3 seconds you can scan two-dimensional code tickets. (Western Network – Shaanxi News Network)相关的主题文章:

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