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The National Park Chinese tiger Yellowstone National Park 60% or than the original title: the national development and Reform Commission: the Northeast National Park has signed documents Butch observer network] several months ago, the U.S. media found that China is "quietly" to establish the first national park system, a national park under construction, which will change the current China there is a natural protection mode of every hue. The 4 famous animal in the first national park is expected to be the focus of attention, they are giant panda, Tibetan antelope, Asian elephants and tigers. Reported that the area of the National Park related to the northeast tiger will reach about 15000 square kilometers, more than the United States, Yellowstone National Park is also greater than 60%. Just yesterday (4 days), and the latest news from the Northeast Butch national park. On the morning of November 4th, the NPC Standing Committee plenary meeting, the national development and Reform Commission Director Xu Shaoshi said, with the development and Reform Commission and relevant departments have been established, a national park pilot scheme, deep reform leading group discussion principle has been adopted, first established in Qinghai is the source of Sanjiang National Park, second is the Northeast Butch National Park, he said "this document has been countersigned, department after being submitted for approval". This document is issued, the local will be relocated to restore the ecological. Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, said in response to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee member, said the question of the above information when asked by. Lv Wei said at the time: This is the (National Park System) a relatively new system, want to know the timetable for the next National Park system". Xu Shaoshi said, with the national development and Reform Commission and relevant departments have formulated a national park pilot scheme, the central deep reform leading group established by the principle of discussion, now is the Qinghai Sanjiang National Park, has started. "Second northeast Butch National Park, the file department has been countersigned after being submitted for approval," Xu Shaoshi said. Xu Shaoshi said, "the Northeast Butch National Park, mainly in Yanbian, Heilongjiang, Yanbian, Hunchun Wangqing Dongning, area of a circle". Xu Shaoshi said, the documents issued after the implementation of a process, focusing on the development of alternative industries, especially the development of forest economy, including forest, forest plants need to be relocated, the National Park residents will have a certain degree of relocation, to restore the ecological. Relocation of the residents in the future there is a very arduous task is to protect the safety of the lives and property of residents." Xu Shaoshi explained that the establishment of a national park, tiger, leopard and more, bear the brunt of the people at home cattle, sheep and pigs, they may be affected, in addition, including the old people themselves may also be affected, so after approval, this work will be in an orderly manner. Several other national parks are under study. U.S. media: Yellowstone National Park is larger than the U.S. "science" magazine in August this year, will focus on the progress in the construction of the Northeast Butch national park. According to the science network quoted the report said, the National Park area of about 15000 square kilometers, more than the United States Yellowstone National Park is greater than 60%. In the park the butch countries, of which 300 Jun planners hope相关的主题文章:

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