The National People’s Congress the law should regulate the actors fee does not exceed the film

The National People’s Congress: the law should regulate the actors fee does not exceed the film production costs 30% Beijing News (reporter Wang Shu) yesterday, the NPC Standing Committee on the draft law to promote the film industry, more than the National People’s Congress Standing Committee called for governance "price paid". Commissioner Dong Zhongyuan said, according to the actor’s price paid, the law should make a difference from the law clearly stipulates that all actors in a movie movie, the movie all shall not exceed a maximum of 30% of production costs. Actors thirty years or over 5000 times the recent listing of Dong "price paid" hot events: August 26th, CCTV and other media secret actor high paycheck, "star 25 million yuan minimum actors fee, a maximum of more than one hundred million yuan, gets an explosive growth for thirty years or more than 5000 times, and scientists Professor, all walks of life and increase the income of workers is inferior by comparison"; the same day, SARFT informed the central inspection teams in the rectification of the situation that we must resolutely curb the high price paid, guidance Industry Association of the major film companies pay close attention to the development of industry self-regulation of the Convention on the suppression price paid. "Since the actor price paid problem has aroused heated debate, that exacerbated the polarization and unfair social distribution, law should not be absent, should not do nothing, no matter as soon as possible amendments to the personal income tax law, contract law was enacted to promote the film industry, should face this problem." Dong Zhongyuan, from the law clearly stipulates that all actors in a movie movie, the movie all shall not exceed a maximum of 30% of production costs, the rigid provisions of the law for the cinema draw a red line, effectively guide the production of the film pays more attention to the story, acting and making their level. Sun Baoshu members also suggested that compared with Japan and South Korea and Hollywood movie star paycheck usually accounts for only 20% to 30% of the total budget, the current domestic popular actor paycheck accounted for more than 50% of the cost of film production. Such as the recent boot production of the television series "such as Yi biography" the two starring paycheck amounted to 150 million yuan. He suggested that the film making fee management system, reasonable control of actor labor cost, in order to protect the quality of film production. "Many actors do not worry about paying personal income tax," the actor’s personal income tax is also the focus of discussion committee. "Many actors do not worry about their tax, after tax price contract for the most part is, but they will require producers to provide the tax certificate, and according to the amount of tax, will advance on a good, if the fee is 5 million yuan, may sign an additional amount of 500 thousand yuan contract, in accordance with the 500 thousand yuan to pay taxes. The remaining 4 million 500 thousand yuan will need to deal with the producers." Dong Zhongyuan said, "tax price" has become a habit of film and television industry, strengthen the national tax on high earners, the key lies in the focus of monitoring high earners relative concentration of industries and population, establish a high income income source information database. Luo Liangquan also said that the proposed legal restrictions or to solve the problem of high prices through tax adjustment. I think micro film should also be regarded as a kind of film, in the case of the development of new media is faster, and even more than in the cinema view相关的主题文章:

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