The official rumor! Syria’s national football because wins cease-fire

The official rumor! Syria’s national football because wins cease-fire Xiaoxibushi rumor micro-blog official announcement sina sports news Beijing time on October 7th afternoon, a press release entitled "Syria China soccer team won the men’s soccer, in order to celebrate the victory, the parties announced 48 hour ceasefire message on the network crazy pass! After the latest news of the civil war in Syria to verify the ceasefire, the official rumor platform "Sina micro-blog micro-blog rumor confirmed the news for the false information, and has carried on the rumor, the announcement is as follows: the latest news about the civil war in Syria ceasefire should be in October 3rd, the United States announced the suspension of negotiations with Russia on Syria ceasefire. The United States and Russia Syria ceasefire negotiations ran aground and the so-called Syria soccer team to win Chinese caused by the celebration of the ceasefire for 48 hours, then no news sources. We hope that the people of Syria will be able to feel the joy of sports and, of course, to be more sympathetic to the suffering of the war they suffer. Then the fictional news does not comfort them, which is why it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the rumor. (slope two)相关的主题文章:

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