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The old driver with you: let the 6 skills – beam Sohu automobile beam terrified dog dog "is most likely to be fat beat, left, I agree, this kind of thing to pull out not big, otherwise how can cheerful! Today the old driver came to teach you that the 6 skills of beam dog frightening, not quick to call on buddy! Mapping law to see that this owner mixed Daoxing deep in English are out, this is how much light received attention? After all, a little less routine mask method, more sincere, the world is very beautiful drop. The owner must be a doll Dafa inner wild man, or love dolls are so fierce. This can be more use of the day to coax children, at night to deter. A good clever ah, oh, I have a light you want to explore. The first serious type to feel the strength of the wave of police Milo lessons. Love you not to open the high beam? Come and go, no hurry, you feel the first five minutes and then on the road, I respect you is a Chinese paper. Female driver exclusive driver, lethality than the previous one to raise at least 99%, and there is no fear of her pride is not to give up, because the driver did not participate in the play of the 1%. The night lights found a face pale woman in the car, the driver may estimate many scenes, night for a long time did not dare to use headlights. Finally, seriously: to car headlights dazzling, first of all we want to switch into Jinguang, if the other party also responded, so both of you are perfect! If the other side is still indifferent, then you should ensure that the distance from the rear while slowing down. If the eyes continued to feel uncomfortable, it is best to find a safe place to pull over and rest for a while.相关的主题文章:

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