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The original TFboys and Zhang Yishan acting poor 100 Zhang Xiaoyu! Sohu entertainment for a long time did not have a domestic drama can be scored on the watercress 8, "small separation" to do. Study on education and parent-child relationship in both sharp and reality, almost every family can Zamo out a little bit of ourselves in the story.   this show is good, first, the plot makes people resonate, two is the parents and children play a number of leading performers are superb. Hai Qing and Huang Lei Xiwai mentoring relationship in the play to become a strong women and weak men of an old married couple, Hai Qing is an expert in the drama play parents, Huang Lei for the application of economic man set is very much at home, two people acting since Needless to say.   the most surprising is the drama of the three small stars, the adolescent girls unique repression, rebellious, lively, confused and vivid performance of the natural, no trace.   play patted Zifeng Zhhang grew up, crying scene is a must, she acted as a student of the party are you and I, with school and parents exhort the pressure in a short moment will still be chasing a star, to little hobby, secretly attracted to a heterosexual germination.   cincin is Curve Wrecker, but under her clever quiet appearance, also hidden on the mother child expect too much frustration.   love the dumbass especially make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks acting Zhang Xiaoyu glitter, actor Hu Xianxu is 00, but the old play bone, this baby Reiki full, each to his play is to let a person look into play jump.   what is a good performance? You will be the person’s mood with a walk, he beam with joy you find yourself unconsciously, also a grin; he tears, your heart pulling up a piece with pain.     the two little girls acting very much, but the character of Zhang Xiaoyu was made more plump, his early childhood was lost her mother, grandma grandpa, Dad can for his living, but ignore the companionship and exchange, and a young stepmother is angry and he at first alert.   although he looks indifferent to what the heart, but abnormal sensitive and fragile. Humor, funny, tempered yet kind, these mixed qualities make Zhang Xiaoyu increasingly love people. As a blossoming and cincin male bestie, he often skanky, burst of verse, is the funny play,   two rich generation money without mercy, for friends very generous, buy a flower drum one hundred thousand.   with the stepmother Diamond cuts diamond. when is really fanhun.     the shower was "grandmother" forced back the curtain, let the wolf scared pale face no longer in place.   then Zhang Xiaoyu exaggerated role to play on Liu Xing, a ghost in the eye drops to.   many domestic star play outside play very well, one interpretation of inside play on the ball dropped, because of lack of experience was not to come out. But Hu Xianxu;相关的主题文章:

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