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The police attempted to reveal the warmth of dialogue Dutch act man killing brother take money facts – Beijing [Xinmin? The latest reports] an attempted Dutch act finally actually pull a unsolved murder, which not only accidental factors, more old police investigators immersed years of intuition. September 17th morning, Pudong Zhoujiadu station together with the disposal of the case is very mixed feelings, a middle-aged man hanged after being rushed to the police patrol timely rescue. In the patience to persuade the police to the police, the man confesses his crimes killing brother take money. The day before, the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter learned from the Pudong police department, the man has been handed over to the Kunshan police for disposal, the case is being further processed. The man hanged the police to the scene disposal attempted at night on September 17th at 2:13 in the morning, "malakas" under the influence of Shanghai, autumn is getting stronger, is Pudong Public Security Bureau police station Zhoujiadu Beiqin night patrol police laodeng 110 command center received the alarm, Zouping Road near the mountain into a Dutch act. A few minutes later, according to the address provided by the police, the old man found a suicide shop in the back door of a restaurant. "He was wearing a black T-shirt, his eyes closed, and he was lying on the ground. There is a deep mark on the neck, mouth with foam." Lao Deng described the scene of the incident. The face of the man lying on the ground, Deng immediately with a flashlight according to the other side of the face, found no response, and tried to measure the pulse of the man with his hand. "Fortunately, his vital signs were stable." While reporting to the command center of the old situation, while informing the 120 scene disposal. Subsequently, laodeng hand touch men’s chest, the man returned to whisper. At that time, the man who did not show any identity items, nor with a cell phone. At the time of the incident, after the restaurant staff found him tied around the neck of a nylon rope, hanging outside the restaurant at the bottom of the air conditioning machine, he will hold him down." Lao Deng recalls. At that time, the time is approaching at 2:30 in the morning, Dumbledore watched again and again the call did not get men respond to greet the hotel staff brought the water, trying to warm up man regained consciousness. In the continuous efforts, a few minutes later, the unconscious man slowly opened his eyes. Laodeng quickly asked the situation, but the other has his head, remain silent. The man was carrying a bag, laodeng found two bundles totaling 8000 yuan in cash, a nylon rope and a bottle of liquor have been opened, in addition, nothing at all. Talk out murder killing brother home online pursuit of no identity, let the old men remain silent about the identity of Deng committed. At this point, 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, after emergency personnel to check, the man is not serious, but still need to go to the hospital for further examination. At this point, an unexpected scene occurred, the man suddenly said, do not send me to the hospital, anyway, in the end I was dead." See the man opened the mouth, laodeng catch the next conversation, hope to find out the identity of a man. In order to avoid the old man disgusted with Deng he pulled a homemade, inquired about their physical condition, talk, laodeng hands back to the man. Man)相关的主题文章:

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