The policewoman killed drunk driving without liability to make Taiwan actor bastard method

The policewoman killed drunk driving without responsibility: to make Taiwan actor bastard method Yan Liting, Chen Weimin message Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Taoyuan City Police Bureau Gueishan Branch Po police station Chen Minghui hunt because of drunk driving criminal Liu Shuisheng, not slipping since hit, intracranial hemorrhage caused the death, but Liu Shuisheng was not liable for any that caused the crowd regeneration, artist Chen Weimin wrote on Facebook: "Chen Minghui, we are sorry you", and "to defy bastard law". Police Yu Yu Xiu Xiu, Chen Minghui, because of the pursuit of drunk driving Liu Shuisheng, resulting in Chen intracranial hemorrhage, coma index was only 3, after 3 days of rescue, in today (day 4) at 3:33 p.m.. But because the police hit the road from the tree, not the police suspect the collision resulted in death, the suspect has no criminal responsibility, only to drunk driving offense for the public, let Chen Weimin angry in the face book put on a badge photos, and wrote: "I’m sorry, Chen Minghui, thank you, sorry, we are sorry you." After the artist Yan Liting learned the news, but also posted a message in the text below: God ah! Taiwan what is the law ah bastard!" Chen Weimin replied: "bastard to the law, not for normal people!" He also had to share the news and mentioned that drunk driving was innocent, in an ironic tone to encourage everyone to come to Taiwan. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章:

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