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The pound fell 1200 points in the past, Li Jiacheng, how much trouble it will be this year – Sohu news this morning, at 7, you may still be asleep, for tomorrow’s work to reserve physical strength. But because this time sleeping, you miss the thrilling two minutes. The two minutes, many British goods staged "National Day promotions", a lot of investment in the UK, people buy cold sweats, and as "buy half of British" Li Jiacheng, do not want to see this one! The British pound flash crash, "commodity limit big promotion" 7 this morning, after each small just woke up, open mobile phone, open foreign exchange movements, found a shocking incident. Beijing time 7:07 or so, in early trading in Asia, the pound against the dollar suddenly diving, a few seconds from more than 1.26 plunged to near the end of, down more than 6.1%. Subsequently, the pound recovered most of the decline, the current decline of around 1.27%. The pound fell 7 points and 05 seconds to start, at the end of 7 minutes and 08 seconds, a total of only 2 minutes and 03 seconds to spend the time of the beginning of the year, the total value of the pound is only about 07 minutes. According to Bloomberg data, the U.S. dollar intraday low of 1.1841, the lowest since March 26, 1985. The pound against the U.S. dollar is the lowest in March 1985 1.0520. But Reuters reported that the lowest point was 1.1378. This calculation, the pound fell more than 1200 points against the dollar, down nearly 10%. This group of people scared out in a cold sweat for investment in the UK, this morning they must be scared out in a cold sweat. The British Association of real estate research shows that in 2013, 15% of London real estate has been bought by foreigners. According to the statistics of CBRE, a real estate services and investment firm, Chinese buyers account for 5% of property buyers in the west end of london. If Britain falls, their assets will be devalued. For the purchase of half of the United Kingdom, Li Jiacheng, may encounter greater trouble. Since the beginning of this century, Li Jiacheng to invest heavily in Commonwealth countries, including the UK as the main direction. Statistics show that 56% of Li Jiacheng’s investment in Europe, where Britain is the main battlefield, accounting for about 37%. Today, nearly 30% of the UK’s natural gas market, nearly 30% of the electricity distribution market and the water supply market by Li Jiacheng’s actual control of the company’s 5%. As of the referendum in the United Kingdom, the total amount of investment in the UK Li Jiacheng reached 390 billion Hong Kong dollars. Among them, he used 3 billion 600 million pounds to buy Telecom licenses for the British Three telecom operators; more than $15 billion acquisition of British power grid, British water and British gas pipeline business; 2 billion 400 million pounds to buy a tap water company; 10 billion 250 million pounds acquisition of Britain’s second largest mobile telecom operator O2 UK. Of course, it’s not all bad news for Li Jiacheng. According to long and group 2015 earnings, the company’s total debt of banks and other debt amounted to HK $287 billion 600 million, of which 25% pounds, the euro accounted for $25%, $36%, $7%"相关的主题文章:

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