The relationship between men about women slip occurred after the robbery also turn nude-cagliari exchange

The relationship between men about women slip occurred after the robbery also turn nude men chat with online chat software, about a slip female, after a relationship, then the knife. Yesterday, the man was Fancheng District Procuratorate approved the arrest according to law. Choi, who lives in Xiangzhou district. September 20th at 1 pm, he used the network chat software contact slip female hemou. A chat, talk a good price to meet in a hotel, Cui paid a 500 yuan piaozi, two people have sex. Subsequent story has a great reversal. While he stood up to leave, Cuimou suddenly pulled out a more than and 10 cm long black folding knife, right hand holding a knife against the Hemou neck, left hand and hold the threat of shoulder, she took out 500 yuan piaozi just, Hemou also tore up a silver necklace and a silver ring. Before leaving, worried about the alarm, Cuimou took out the camera took four or five photos. A few days later, did not see what the wind, Cuimou that slip female must feel unspeakable, and in his hand and nude photos of her, do not be found. Cui a more daring. A few days later, he again by the same means of robbery of a high slip female. What he did not expect is that the decision to choose a high alarm. The police through the scene, and the transfer of the hotel surveillance, quickly locked the man choi. September 26th, Choi was arrested near the West Gate Bridge in Xiangcheng district. Yesterday, the prosecution of the case to remind the case, in violation of personal or personal property violations, we must not choose silence, to be courageous to pick up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Choi has been suspected of robbery, waiting for him will be severely punished by law. (reporter Zhang Wei correspondent Chen Jinghui) concern about the big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gifts sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章:

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