The shallot cake stalls involving unlicensed locked regulatory response

The shallot cake stalls involving unlicensed locked regulatory response said: this morning, the reporters came to a Welsh Onion cake, see the door on notice to suspend business. Xinmin Xinmin Evening News trainee reporter Yu Jinmin photo [Xinmin ·]; the latest news reported by the media, was halted the relevant administrative departments of the red net "a delicacy of Welsh Onion cake" the fate of attention. This evening, the Huangpu District Market Supervision Bureau conducted a briefing on the follow-up, said previously due to undocumented sale of food, and poor sanitation, supervision departments interviewed operators, operators in July 21st this year, closed. But in September 26th of this year, there are masses of the shop reopened, supervision department to stop the undocumented behavior. Market regulatory authorities will actively guide and support the relevant functional departments of the operator, legal, compliance management. (Xinmin Xinmin Evening News reporter trainee reporter Xiao Junwei Yu Jinmin) informed as follows: since the relevant situation of "a scallion cake" bulletin in 2016, my bureau through the 12331 hotline received many complaints from consumers, reflecting the Maoming road 159 Lane 2, residents of the house was undocumented selling pancakes, poor hygiene, food safety risks, requirements of the regulatory authorities to investigate. After receiving complaints, the territory of Ruijin in two road market supervision and law enforcement personnel to carry out the investigation according to law, requirements of consumers reflect according to law "Maoming road 159 Lane 2, scallion cake shop" (i.e. "a scallion cake") operators closed, the operator also written commitment is no longer engaged in unlicensed business activities without a license, and closed on July 21, 2016. The morning of September 26th according to the masses "a scallion cake" re opened, two road Ruijin market supervision and law enforcement officers again interviewed the parties to stop the undocumented behavior. At the same time, the "onion cake" regulatory information report of streets, street leaders said it would continue to care for the operators of life, and will work with various departments to solve the current difficulties of life operators. For the attention of netizens "a scallion cake" for subsequent business matters, market supervision department will work with relevant departments to actively guide and support the operators of legal and compliance management. District market authority September 27, 2016 source: Xinmin network editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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