The sixty votes. 45 years of nearly 1000 baby – Beijing coscoqd

The sixty votes. "45 years of nearly 1000 baby – Beijing, 65 year old Chen loves to collect all kinds of tickets, attractions tickets, subway tickets, train tickets, air tickets, tickets, bus tickets…… These various tickets were well classified and made into six books, the most beloved of all. In his spare time, he often look out. If a guest friends home, he would take out the show. The old "tickets" fans "love of all kinds of tickets recently, the fund of Xi’an city wall protection in Shaanxi Province, Xi’an City Wall Scenic Area Management Committee jointly organized with the Xi’an evening news 2016" my wall? My home close to the walls of Xi’an cultural relics protection activities for the people of Xi’an free gifts 2000 Wall scenic spots. After the old man in the newspaper to see the news, personally came to the newspaper office, hoping to receive a scenic spot tickets. At the same time, he also took a bag from the inside, took out six books on the desk. I do not get tickets to play, mainly want to collect." Old Chen Cao a southern accent, and chat with him that he was from Jiangsu, rooted in Xi’an for 45 years. He said that he was very fond of collecting all kinds of tickets, but also asked reporters to appreciate his collection of many years. Reporters saw a thick six book collection of nearly a thousand kinds of votes. There are scenic spots, Terracotta Army, tower and other walls of different ages; the Spring Festival Commemorative Ticket, setting subway ticket ticket, love card, try taking a version of a couple of different versions of coupons; train tickets have hundreds, there are a lot of old train tickets. These old train ticket is about 5 cm long, about 2 cm wide, made of thick paper made of hard shell, the surface was pale yellow, the reporter is also the first time to see. "My collection of these tickets can be said to" heaven and earth into the sea. ". Many of you are older than you, and you may not have seen it. You see, this ticket is much more beautiful, the old train tickets are much more lovely." Lao Chen said. In 1971, the collection of the first ticket collection so many votes, Chen reluctant to throw away, he went to the market to spend 500 yuan to buy a tin box, special storage of these treasures. "I have used some of the tickets reserved, and some tickets I bought in the antique market, there are family members go out to play, dedicated to me to stay. Up to now, I can’t count how many tickets I have collected." Lao Chen said, when his right, often through these collection. Reporters saw in Lao Chen’s album, also neatly placed a lot of food stamps, cloth tickets, tickets, tickets, cigarettes, their bike platform ticket, taxi invoice, bus tickets, bus tickets, tickets…… The time on the face of the seal is a long time, but also reflects the changes of the times. Speaking of the first ticket collection of Lao Chen said that in 1971, he went to Beijing on business, save a few Beijing subway ticket, from then on, he began to collect all kinds of tickets. Today, these Beijing subway tickets are also fully preserved, has become the memory of old Chen Yongheng. Collection of all kinds of tickets is also a collection of culture in all parts of the country have a lot of votes, rich in content, beautifully printed, cloud相关的主题文章:

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