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The son of the father abandoned in the street wandering old man found the alarm that the original title: Ji’nan: men will be qindie left in the street the alarm that old man was found wandering son abandoned the old man (video screenshot) Qilu news network September 30th Ji’nan, a son, his father, as "outsiders", in order not to raise. Unexpectedly, the police lied, found an elderly man. Fortunately, the police for help, the 70 year old man sent to the rescue station. According to the "good morning Shandong" reported that the old man named Liu Wanting, 70 years old, legs good, stick around, talking to old people have trouble, but you can write, write their own home in Ji’nan Changqing town of filial piety. Police received the alarm, the old man sent to Ji’nan rescue station. But when the police to the old man’s son? Liu Jun call, actually found his number, actually is the alarm call! Police said the old man’s son said he had no time to travel, anyway, there are public security, rescue station can help. Police learned that the elderly due to sudden cerebral infarction, loss of speech ability. His son Liu Jun claimed to have only 13 dollars, followed him no place to live, can only put the roadside, had to use the alarm to the old man to the rescue station. It is understood that Liu Wanting Liu Jun is the only one son, two people together, but life is not comfortable. The old man told reporters at the scene to express their own lives, his son did not cook, cooking their own. The son has made it clear that he will not come to the rescue station to pick up the old man, I hope the rescue station staff, the father sent back to the hometown of filial piety in Ji’nan, Changqing. Police said: contact his son, made it clear that he did not come back in the field of business, so that the old man sent back to the rescue station." At half past one that afternoon, Ji’nan rescue station staff to arrange for car, the old man sent back to the town of filial piety. Village director, Liu Wanting, as early as more than and 30 years ago, he left the village to work in the northeast, the village now has his brother of the two. His brother can not take care of the disease, need to take care of his wife. Filial piety in the town of the district staff decided to temporarily put the old man to arrange the homes for the elderly. When the reporter told the news to Liu Jun, said Liu Jun, second days he was back in Ji’nan. Editor: there is a drama called opera "wall in mind.". We are not saying is pension, finally pushed to the wall. This time, the reality of the son is just wonderful, terrible. Everyone has the old, you don’t have time. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章:

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