The state-owned steel enterprises are down to private enterprises

The state-owned steel enterprises are down to private enterprises OEM? Through OEM for private enterprises to survive heavy steel, can revitalize, break a way and find a new business model, which is full of anticipation and concern. Three quarterly report recently released by Chongqing Iron & Steel Co., 1 to September this year, Chongqing Iron & Steel Co. the loss of 3 billion 90 million yuan, 3 billion 190 million yuan over the same period last year, although slightly less, but still not out of the huge loss of whirlpool. In April 18, 2016, Chongqing and private enterprises pan Hua Group signed a joint venture agreement "processing" Chongqing, clear in the next three years will be used for joint ventures, China private enterprises group climbing raw material processing, product sales arranged by Pan Hua, both sides share final gains or losses. Although the performance of Chongqing, the loss in the three quarter year-on-year decline slightly, but to complete a year, two years and three years than the guaranteed profit target is not easy. Chongqing as the local state-owned enterprises, private enterprises can down Gan pan Hua foundry, reflect the state-owned enterprises adhering to the open mind in relief road, is the state capital and private capital into a new, a new mode of cooperation. For state-owned enterprises, under the pressure of excess capacity, any form of rescue plan and mode, should be beneficial to try a new PPP mode, all state-owned enterprises should be allowed to trial and error, should also be in system and mechanism, to provide a fault-tolerant and innovative environment for state-owned enterprises. Of course, Chongqing and pan China joint venture model, is also a kind of reality and compromise. According to pan China Chairman Li Xinghua introduced, before the joint scheme is put forward, the Chongqing municipal government is the idea of China Chongqing will climb the contract or lease; and for private enterprises, once the contract or lease, lowering the efficiency based on the consideration of internal reform will make snap, large layoffs, integration of heavy steel will be very difficult at the same time, will lead to the loss of state assets outside of suspicion. This confirms that the pooling model is a product of compromise. However, it is necessary to point out that such kind of Chongqing steel industry overcapacity, and deep losses of the zombie companies, the joint venture model was only settled now "eat", to really promote the reborn of injured tendons move bone make snap reform is not open around the internal. After all, the processing of a simple pan Hua group, it is difficult to completely solve the problem of existence of Chongqing steel effectively, more difficult to expect the development of Chongqing transformation. At the same time, Chongqing is only responsible for processing production, and product sales from the pan Hua arranged, although reducing the Chongqing in expanding the sales market pressure, easing the pressure on the stock, but also transferring part of market dominance, once the steel of Panzhihua China processing dependence of the proportion of overweight Chongqing, will weaken the perception of the market and the ability to adapt, but this is not conducive to the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing, and pan Hua orders can not guarantee complete stability. Chongqing and climb China joint venture model, in fact exposed the current SOE reform difficult, and lack of confidence in the reform of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to participate in the lack of consensus. Associates gives the impression that the cooperation between private enterprises and state-owned enterprises or a step into the legs, a leg is still outside.相关的主题文章:

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