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The stove fire pot burst, Ye Yiqian has no regrets to play live? Tencent entertainment news before Ye Yiqian accidentally get a crawfish, stove fire, and after the casserole burst, terrified guests. Known as the most beautiful kitchen and a sister, Ye Yiqian cook has not regretted to open such a live cooking show? After all, netizens are piercing eye "major failures", that is to escape their eyes. Yesterday, Ye Yiqian invited the snow aunt, a guest of his own gourmet live broadcast program, Wang Lin. An opening, Ye Yiqian and bestie played the big left "open" Song stalk, known as the "dirty face of the Lich King" Wang Lin, Ye Yiqian was also easy to react, users in a barrage of straight brush "beauty cook encountered snow aunt, this is the two person of both the rhythm of nature" in addition to "dirty" together, in fact, Wang Lin and Ye Yiqian have fought together to show cooking PK off the male god Zhang Liang, two person of their own cooking are pretty confident, this is eager for a fight. In the live to half of the time, only to hear a loud noise, scared the scene of several people. The original is Ye Yiqian going to do a "Braised Fish Head in Casserole" in honor of Wang Lin, just when she had poured the oil into the casserole and fired hot pot, accidentally opened fire to high-grade, plus a pedestrian are left at the side of the discourse to attract, unexpectedly hot casserole for too long, resulting in. The sudden explosion of this casserole. Users have to brush the barrage: "this is not live accident!" Faced with the sudden situation, and a group of people to eat melon, Ye Yiqian actually took a little happy, said: This is the charm of live! You’ll never see anything!" The face still calm, a word to resolve the embarrassing situation of Ye Yiqian, netizens comment the point like sissy wit!" Ye Yiqian: Tian Liang and I are not bankrupt相关的主题文章:

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