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The teacher picked up the hand bag property value more than 30 thousand initiative to return the new network owner – the newspaper news (Reporter Yu Nankai correspondent Li Zhongyong) 12, Ms. Wu call our hotline, want to thank Jingxing County South City middle school teacher Zhang Yusheng Shijinbumei, a few days ago, Wu Nv lost a value of 30 thousand yuan of property of the bag Mr. Zhang also received, anxious phone package. October 8th 22 am, who lives in Jingxing county Wu drove to the south town work, after returning home that had not found in the side of the bag. Ms. Wu was very upset. Because the bag is not only a cell phone, ID cards, bank cards, supermarket shopping cards, as well as a lot of cash and gold necklace, with a total value of 30 thousand yuan. "This is my now almost all the belongings!" Ms. Wu said she thought that night to go to the toilet in the South City, like the bag in his car trunk, then forget to take direct drive home. Bag in the car, it is now lost in the place, and the bag has so many valuable things, the people can still come back? Ms. Wu anxiously through various ways to help friends find, the results are not found. When Wu lost, suddenly received a phone call from her sister. "Your handbag was found." Wu hurried to the south of the night to drive to the city of barrier school, met Zhang Yusheng in front of the school teacher. Zhang Yusheng is a South City middle school teachers, according to Zhang introduced, 22 pm the same day, he and his wife drove from South back to South City Jiayu sun town middle school, walk to the North City barrier north of the village near the gas station, found a red shiny things on the road, found in the past is a handbag. Open a look, there are many valuables and cash. "People have lost something very anxious, let’s call the owner and say!" So, Mr. Zhang found a mark "elder sister" from Wu’s mobile phone number, call to tell each other: "your sister’s hand picked me up, I am south city middle school teacher called Zhang Yusheng, let her come to my bag." See Zhang, get lost handbag, Ms. Wu was grateful to know what to say, from the bag and took out 500 yuan in cash to express gratitude to Mr zhang. Mr Zhang said: "this is just an outsider, it is what we should do, I want to money, he is not your bag. I am a teacher, not only I do, but also through such things to educate my students." Go home these days, Ms. Wu feel sorry, yesterday will specifically call the newspaper, hoping that a part of the newspaper, to show Zhang Yusheng the teacher found noble character.相关的主题文章:

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