The thief burglary sneeze woke the owner said burn out the brain into the wrong door-rosstallanma

The thief burglary sneeze woke the owner said burn out the brain into the wrong door of a man to fly over the walls, Fanchuang burglary theft crime, but a sneeze awakened the owner, but he himself cold burned the brain, into the wrong house. Yesterday, the alleged theft of other people’s belongings were detained by the police in Jianghan criminal. Yesterday at 4 am, who lives in Hankou Xingye Road, a district of Mr. Wan, sleep suddenly feel a glimmer in the house, the eyes look but found no suspicious characters. Just as he was ready to fall asleep, the sound of a sneeze he woke up, he a Gulu jumped up from the bed and saw a shadow, a hand-held mini flashlight, a hand over your mouth more than sneeze. A million snapping, seeing the man turned to flee. A million family brave blocking housing door, man being forced at home on the third floor balcony, see no way of escape, they took out a portable mobile phone and 300 yuan repeatedly begged to put one horse. After being refused, the man in a threatening manner said, "I had a bad cold, burning confused, into the wrong house!" Why not ask him to go out? Just as the man nasty when, southern Hankou North police station police Qiu Xinlong with the Paul Liu police soon arrived, immediately from his possession of a homemade plastic insert and other tools of crime. Upon review, 42 year old Peng Department of Sichuan. According to his account, he had several burglary crime, was arrested in prison for more than 10 years. In mid September, after his release, he ran back home to visit their elderly parents, and prepared to go back to the Han after cashing out. That night, he moved to the industrial Luwanmou downstairs, down the pipe and climb to the third floor Fanchuang burglary, hand-held micro torches, hold back to steal Nawanmou pocket money, because the cold is Biebu Zhu, a sneeze awakened million were arrested. When brought to the police station on the road, sitting in the police Pengmou sigh, "my life is almost in jail for burglary, the last is not a penny was sentenced to imprisonment, it is not worthwhile." (correspondent Zhang Jiaguo reporter Tao Pan)相关的主题文章:

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