The three carriages speed up Pingdingshan City Zhanhe region economy – Henan Channel –

The "three carriages" speed up Pingdingshan City Zhanhe region economy – Henan Channel – original title: "three driving carriage Zhanhe regional economic speed in recent years in Pingdingshan City, Pingdingshan City Zhanhe district project construction, investment and optimize the development environment as a breakthrough development, strong tackling grasp construction, attracting wide reserve focus, to do the service, showing a good momentum of the three Troika pulling the rapid development of regional economy. According to statistics, from January to August this year, the region’s investment in fixed assets reached 3 billion 19 million yuan, an increase of 14.3%. Adhere to the key project of Zhanhe district county leadership system, a key project, a county leader, a work team to follow up, the implementation of an operation plan, lead and responsibility to the people, to speed up the progress, guarantee period. According to statistics, this year, the district has implemented a new, 58 construction projects, a total investment of 41 billion 520 million yuan, a total investment of 20 billion 170 million yuan. In order to make the project become the source of water, Zhanhe District continue to increase the focus on regional investment, the key to the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other coastal areas, to take targeted investment, family investment, business investment, resident investment and other effective measures, so that a large number of high technology content, large scale of investment, good prospects for the development of the project were screened in the project repository. According to statistics, this year, the new signing billion yuan project 25, the contract amount of 16 billion 189 million yuan, the actual utilization of foreign capital 2 billion 943 million yuan, completed 118% of the annual target. Zhanhe district also constantly optimize the development environment, timely coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the process of enterprise development. According to statistics, this year, a total of 125 enterprises in the region to solve the practical difficulties of funds, technology, construction environment, etc.. (reporter correspondent Li Haifeng Xu Guangya) (Ding Xiaofang Tianzi, commissioning editor: Yang)相关的主题文章:

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