The traffic police brigade staff claimed the accident the driver relatives to sign on behalf of

The traffic police brigade staff claimed the accident the driver relatives to sign on behalf of printing press the scene of the accident. Accident report shows that Mr. Xu should bear the main responsibility. No official seal on the penalty decision. In September 18th, Gansu city of Lanzhou Province, Mr. Xu along the street, (WeChat: qianjieyihao) reporters reflect, in August 31st he drove in Dingxi City, Minxian Meichuan Road, was hit in the back of a van. After the two sides went to the Minxian traffic police brigade, Mr. Xu found the other driver and the traffic police brigade, a female staff awareness. During the handling of the accident, the staff of the female to the van driver to leave, and instead signed the accident confirmation, press fingerprints. As of 10 pm on September 18th, Minxian Public Security Bureau has not yet responded. The man drove to the road after the car was hit, Mr. Xu told the reporter, (WeChat: qianjieyihao) in August 31st, he went to Dingxi city Minxian Meichuan project department work, the project came out, he was parked on the roadside car on the road, is coming back to a van hit. When the van was particularly fast, the driver also holding a cell phone, I do not know whether the call or send information". Picture the scene Mr. Xu provided, a red car with a silver van traveling in the same direction, van crashed into the left rear part of the red car. Mr. Xu said, when he first alarm, the police suggested the privately negotiated settlement, otherwise both parties should be fined and points. After thinking, Mr. Xu decided to let the police to deal with, so the police again. After the traffic police came to the scene, let us go to the Minxian Traffic Police Brigade squadron in the afternoon to deal with the problem, said mr.. In the afternoon, the two sides to arrive on time, Mr. Xu found a female staff member and van driver Mei Chuan Squadron, "they have been whispered". A male staff after a simple understanding of the accident, the two sides to the accident hall to solve the problem. In the accident hall, Mr. Xu to a staff surnamed Jiang introduced the incident. Subsequently, the female staff also came to the accident hall, "she said van driver her relatives, this thing she must, and asked Jiang surname staff to deal with the matter as soon as possible, she let the driver of the van to go home, and then she left." When the driver did not appear at the same time the accident occurred around 7 o’clock in the evening, Minxian Traffic Police Brigade accident hall issued a road traffic accident book. I was identified as the main responsibility, but want to go back to Lanzhou early, or in the book signed". Mr. Xu said that when he signed the staff told him that he had informed the van driver, the bread driver will come soon. "We waited for a long time, the van driver did not come, after Mei Chuan squadron the woman working here, and sign the van driver name in the confirmation, also pressed the fingerprints". Xu provided road traffic accident book shows that at 11:30 on August 31st, Xu driving a car with a small passenger car to talk about collision, resulting in two vehicles damaged in varying degrees. Party Xu driving motor vehicles out of the road did not stop looking, did not let the road is 7相关的主题文章:

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