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The tutor "1+1"   more down to earth — Jiangsu window – original title on the cultivation of Jiangsu’s professional graduate tutor: "1+1", graduate students more down to earth week Yue is the Nanjing University of Technology of chemical engineering and technology professional research two students. The morning of September 26th, in the joint training of the professional degree student film base – Jiangsu science and Technology Industrial Park pilot, Yue and other students test performance Week Film under a microscope. A week Yue professional degree of graduate students and students with different academic type, she has a professor in the school, in the film science and Technology Industrial Park as well as a business mentor, tutor of the "1+1" training mode, so that she got more and more opportunities to practice and practice guidance. In October last year, our province volunteered, has been identified as one of the professional graduate deepen comprehensive education reform pilot provinces and the Ministry of education 3. This year, the reform has been comprehensively deepen the reform of the provincial leading group as the main points of the work. The pilot for nearly a year, colleges and universities in our province to produce what kind of answer? Where is the next step? September 26th held in the province to deepen the reform of professional degree graduate education to promote the site will focus on the issue of higher education reform hot. "To" 13th Five-Year "at the end of the high level talents in Jiangsu accounted for to increase from the current 7.2% to 12%. Through deepening the comprehensive reform of the professional degree graduate education, speeding up the training of high-level applied talents is an urgent need to build an innovative Province in our province." Provincial Education Department Director Shen Jian explained that we have long been accustomed to the cultivation of academic graduate students, how to cultivate high-level application-oriented talents lack of adequate practice, some deep-seated problems to be solved. For example, the relevant colleges and universities for professional degree graduate students ability to solve the problem of insufficient attention, lack of academic degree, enrollment plan, etc.. Jiangsu province currently has 156 thousand full-time graduate students, accounting for about 8.2% of the country, ranking first in the provinces. Among them, the professional degree graduate students 52 thousand people, accounting for the total number of graduate students of the total number of 40.3%. Nanjing University of Technology and Hohai University is the province to deepen the reform of professional degree graduate education at the scene to promote the comprehensive reform of the two on-site observation points. In 2016, Nanjing University of Technology to recruit full-time graduate students 1796 people, including professional degree graduate 916 people, accounting for 51%. There is a common problem in the professional degree graduate education, which is the same as that of the academic graduate training mode." Guan Guofeng, executive vice president of the Graduate School of Nanjing University of Technology, the school hired a total of 400 senior technical staff and industry experts as professional degree graduate tutor. At the same time, to improve the practical experience of the tutor’s requirements. Two strokes simultaneously effectively enhance the practice and innovation ability of professional degree graduate students, so that the employment rate of the group remained at more than 97%, more than 30% of the engineering degree graduate students have invention patents. September 26th afternoon, the reporter saw in the country directly under the Power Grid Corp NARI Group Company equipment debugging center, Hohai University, electrical engineering professional degree graduate Wu Mingming)相关的主题文章:

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