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The twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair at   16 in China as the guest of Honor – Culture – Germany Pavilion picture book August 27 Beijing Xinhua (Zou Jing) hosted by the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, the Beijing Municipal People’s government, Chinese Book Import and export (Group) Corporation hosted the twenty-third session of the Beijing International Book Expo (hereinafter referred to as Tibet will) on August 24th at China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Museum) smooth opening. The Tibet will be invited to the 16 countries in central and Eastern Europe overall as the guest of honor, they are our will for the first time in history the united country of honor. Organizers, the Tibet will set up a total of 6 exhibition halls, a total exhibition area of 78600 square meters, attract domestic and foreign exhibitors 2407, display the latest publication of nearly 300 thousand kinds of Chinese and foreign. Our overall exhibition area of 1200 square meters, including 800 square meters of national exhibition, and China Middle East European countries and translation achievements exhibition area of 400 square meters of honor activities. In Eastern Europe, published nearly 70 enterprises participating countries in addition to Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Albania and other countries have been participating in Tibet, the other 11 countries published per capita for the first time in China publishing market collective appearance. This year, the cover of these foreign books to do fine look good." A scene of the reader told reporters that last year he also participated in Tibet, comparing the two times book fair, he still feels that some changes, "the guest of honour exhibition area is in accordance with the theme of" The Belt and Road "together, this is a feature of the year." In the exhibition area to another corner, the reporter saw a young mother with a four or five year old child squatting on the ground, carefully read the Greek exhibition of children’s books picture books. The picture here is the lady love, "only by such a fair opportunity, I can see at home and not quite the same as children. Here the picture color bright, the pictures show the unique style. I hope the children see these exotic books by broaden his horizons. Unfortunately, the book here is not only to sell, I can only buy through the Internet channels." Such as the case of a lot of Ms. Huo, they see the book but can not buy the exhibition area. In this regard, the staff Ms. Zhu told reporters, "Tibet will be published at home and abroad is to provide a platform for the exchange, let other countries fine books into China, while allowing domestic excellent books to the world. The role of this platform is mainly concentrated in the copyright trade and exchange of this piece of publishing, but also to promote the function of reading." Reporters then came to the French Pavilion, France and Germany as the world’s largest book exporter, spacious galleries packed with people. Unlike the Greek Pavilion, the books are available for sale. The staff said, "copyright settled, you can book shelves. There are a lot of people to book, we give them a temporary stay. In addition, our books are tax-free, the price is more appropriate." During the book fair, in addition to bringing national excellent books copyright trade and development, also held a rich and colorful cultural activities and exhibitions. For example, Poland food show, Rome相关的主题文章:

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