The vast blue ocean electricity giant can do shopping fun VR

The vast blue ocean electricity giant can do shopping fun VR increasingly popular VR network retail is expected to lead the new change. Following the March Ali announced VR strategy, Jingdong recently announced a high-profile VR AR strategy. For tens of thousands of goods SKU electronic business platform, such as the virtual online merchandise can be true, is undoubtedly a huge business opportunities. But VR technology has not yet really popular, the major electricity supplier giants can only explore the strange move forward. The difference between the layout of hot VR market, when the electricity supplier giants competing layout. Jingdong announced at the VR AR strategic conference, a joint venture between the more than and 30 industries to promote the establishment of the upstream and downstream enterprises to promote the VR AR alliance, through the brand, marketing, operations, finance, etc., to provide support for VR, AR companies. At the same time, through the introduction of VR shopping applications, AR home improvement and other products to enhance the user experience. Jingdong CTO Zhang Chen said, the Jingdong will provide a unified modeling tool, so that users can make unified business application and VR AR content, reduce the cost of modeling, promote the VR AR new content output. Another VR AR tit for tat strategy released by Jingdong as and old rival Ali in the field. In March this year, Ali announced the establishment of VR laboratories, and announced the VR strategic plan. Ali will simultaneously promote the cultivation of VR content and hardware incubation. From Jingdong, Ali layout can be seen, the two companies to build the library, optimize the VR industry chain as the main direction, the purpose is to seize the market in the early stages of the development of the industry. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning holding group, said Su Ning will rely on the line, the establishment of 300 VR experience Museum in china". Su Ningqi under the cohesion of the media in the 8 & 18 fever Festival launch ceremony, the launch of the first VR products. Attractive business opportunities VR technology may be a subversion of the traditional electricity supplier sales model, in this process undoubtedly contains a huge business opportunities. From the application scenario, the function of VR technology is to bring immersive shopping experience for consumers, and before that, the virtual goods online to be true, it is necessary to complete the three-dimensional modeling technology. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters on the online shopping platform can find many providers to provide three-dimensional modeling services. One of the business customer service staff, product modeling to take a single billing, such as the cost of modeling cultural shirts about 300-500 yuan, the specific circumstances need to be based on the complexity of the product. Jingdong group chief technical adviser Weng Chi said, VR shopping scene can make up for the lack of online offline experience, help to enhance the electricity supplier business. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters obtained figures show that Jingdong electronic business platform has more than 40 million of the goods SKU. If these products are modeled, the need to develop uniform standards to reduce the cost of product modeling. VR concept brings another big business opportunities for electricity providers from hardware sales. HTC Vive products, for example, according to the Steam Spy website data show that HTC Vive 3 months after the on-line sales of nearly 100 thousand units. According to IDC and Jingdong released the VR AR market is far相关的主题文章:

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