The Vitel team performance is poor somehow Suzuka rhythm-splitit

Vitel: the team performance is not bad. I don’t know why Vitel Suzuka rhythm in qualifying only won the sixth sina sports news Vitel admitted that Ferrari did not come in Q2 with the soft, and the opponent has done. The United States qualifying performance is not as good as two weeks ago, the Japanese station. Hamilton, Rosberg and Vista Pam all chose the soft tyres in Q2 to start with the soft tyres in the race, and both the and the had to use super soft to make sure they could get into the Q3. Soft tyres are thought to be the ideal choice for starting, given the super soft tyres this weekend. But with a 1.3 second gap, only in the beginning of the sixth, Vitel said Ferrari can not take the risk to use soft tires. Vitel said: "we thought about it, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to use soft tyres at Q2. We are not satisfied with today show the competitiveness, I think this track and two weeks ago when there are many similarities, but we are on a station more than." And the specific reasons for poor performance, Vitel said: we are not very clear, yesterday we found the rhythm is not right. Today is better but not fast enough." Vitel has lost eighth games to his teammates in qualifying this season and the Germans say he could have done better today. "Kimi is doing very well today, I in Q3 may have rushed too hard. Tires are no excuse. I could have done better. That’s why I’m not so happy. We’ve done a good job in the last few years so it’s not good news for Ferrari today." (Mc.Dull)相关的主题文章:

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