The woman $5 million 100 thousand released 6387 sheep cited the question blindly release harm to oth-yuanjiao

The woman $5 million 100 thousand released 6387 sheep cited the question: blindly release harmful free way, staff feed grass to the sheep. Dozens of trucks carrying the herd to release to rtar grassland. Zhuoma and ready to release the flock. Released on the prairie herd. This version of the picture for map users original title: a woman in Ganzi released 6387 sheep "controversial" blind released ", kindness knows no bounds" the two voices; said local animal husbandry capacity limit; experts suggested to deal with the relationship between sheep and pasture Beijing News recently, a girl named Zhuo Ma spent 5 million 100 thousand yuan of money. From the slaughter house bought 6387 sheep released into the prairie Seda news triggered hot Internet users. Some netizens praise Zhuoma "loving kindness knows no bounds, life", opponents also blasted its blind release, will destroy the local ecological environment". Said the local environmental protection bureau, more than 6 thousand sheep all back to rtar grassland, greatly exceed the capacity of grassland animal husbandry. On January 1, 2017 implementation of the "wild animal protection law", has increased on the release of provisions, provisions released to avoid causing harm to the ecosystem. The girl spent 5 million 100 thousand to buy 6387 sheep released in September 4th, "micro-blog user authentication information issued by Northwest University For Nationalities professor Wang Xiucai said recently," Dan "a girl called Zhuoma spent 5109600 yuan, bought from the slaughterhouse 6387 sheep released into grasslands, what do you think of this?" This micro-blog once issued, it will lead to widespread dissemination of friends, discussion, as of 9 pm, at the time of, the micro-blog has been below the comments. In the online comments in praise of Zhuoma "kindness knows no bounds there are a lot of people questioned," blind stocking, will damage the local grassland environment. A person claiming to be said in Tibet agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Tibetan friends, are now the implementation of grassland grazing, because of continuous grazing grassland will lead to unable to recover. "I do not speculate on the girl’s motives, but this thing she did is whether naturally or half unconsciously, harmful. It’s like snakes, who released snapper, harm to others." The person is not random release to foster doubt sound network, Zhuoma released the circle of friends said the exact time in the northwest of Sichuan Shiqu and released 6387 sheep on the grassland rtar for August 30th, released the sheep from Qinghai Xining and other places of the slaughterhouse shipped, we are sending you raised in the steppe nomads farm. Not in the grassland freely drained. September 2nd, Zhuoma issued a statement on personal micro-blog. The statement said, this is called "snow free groups" organizations, funded by donations nearly 100 people love to a total cost of about 5100000 yuan, is not the single handedly completed. Reporters noted that a claim to know the situation said, "snow free group" is composed of several business owners was released just one member of the group, Zhuoma group released. 1 whether to destroy the local ecological release? The local environmental protection bureau: Seda county animal husbandry capacity has reached the limit after the incident, we are most worried about is the large influx of sheep, will cause damage to the original grassland ecosystem seda. Seda County Environmental Protection Bureau yesterday, a staff member told the Beijing News reporter card Shidi相关的主题文章:

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