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The women’s Hot pot restaurant accidentally fell one hundred thousand yuan Bracelet broken more than 8 points last night, Jiangning citizens Ms. Zhou with foreign friends came to a shop Le Jia block Hot pot dinner in the hotel lobby, she accidentally fell and injured body not only, also put a value not to wear the Philippines jade bracelet broke, Ms. Zhou said it was responsible for Hot pot shop. Zhou received the alarm, police rushed to the scene. Ms. Zhou said, their meal ready to go outside, thought the hotel floor tile is everywhere the same flat, did not think there will be a small step, she accidentally, the whole person fell solidly on the tiles. Ms. Zhou said this fall was bad enough, half of the body bone ache. The body is not hard to bear, his wrist wearing the precious jade bracelet is also broken into two. Ms. Zhou said, this bracelet she wore more than ten years, when tens of thousands of pieces of money, now this jade hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy. Zhou said that the hot pot restaurant to take her to the hospital for treatment, and to compensate her jade bracelet. And say they can only Hot pot shop to take her to the hospital, as for the jade bracelet, said there are hundreds of thousands of customer value, they have no identity, no compensation law. Reporters at the scene observed that this road is called a small step at the junction of two tiles, the gap has 2, about 3 cm, people do not pay attention, it is easy to fall. And Ms. Zhou said the so-called value of a few million jade bracelet because buy the old, has been unable to find the invoice, because the two sides of the disagreement is too large, unable to reach an agreement. Police said that if the mediation fails, the two sides can only take legal means to solve. The lawyer said, business places, businesses have to ensure customer basic safety responsibility, in the case of this small businesses indeed there are security risks to the customer level, and has not set up warning signs, businesses should bear some responsibility. As for the value of jade bracelet Miss Zhou, if you can not find a shopping invoice, you can entrust a jewelry appraisal agency for identification, the court will recognize the results of the identification of qualified third party.相关的主题文章:

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