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These practices will destroy the child’s self-confidence! Have you ever done it? Sohu maternal lead: as the saying goes, "the child is not confident from the parents". What are the parents of the child’s confidence is easy to destroy it? Look at the national two counselors song Watch me. Experts: national two counselors at the Song Jing family therapy, parent-child education and training for primary school, kindergarten teachers and parents early education institutions training, also for the government, listed companies, 500 companies, educational institutions, staff training. These practices will destroy the child’s self-confidence! The "master of parenting parenting guru small questions: what are the practice of parents is easy to destroy a child’s self-confidence? National two counselors watch song: if parents often say to a child, how can you be so stupid, you can, how you do so bad, these words are all destroyed their self value, because you are telling the child you can’t.. The most destructive beliefs of human beings are helpless, hopeless, and worthless. If you tell your child you not, he will form a destructive belief, this belief will affect his life, when he encountered anything, my first reaction is of no value, such as in marriage, if there is a problem in the relationship between husband and wife, he will come out of the deep faith, I do not deserve to have a happy marriage. Or when a person to express his love, he can not accept it, the bottom of the faith to tell him: I do not deserve to be loved. Including some people and the relationship between money is the same, sometimes earn some money do not know how not, it will feel that I do not deserve to have wealth. Most of the time, in every respect, I will not be worthy of the value of the destruction of faith. So when the child 0-6 years old, parents give their children to write the script. How to interpret the future of the child, is to see how the parents in the six years to write his script. If you write down all the negative things, after the child is probably the case, it is difficult to change. The master APP [parenting parenting class micro column produced original, reproduced please indicate the source] parenting guru, Guangdong province eugenics Association recommended infant collection platform, doctors, hospital of domestic well-known university psychology experts in early childhood education, maternal and child industry elite, for the user in the stage of pregnancy, provide find experts, ask experts, experts see a variety of convenient services, allowing users to quickly access professional, scientific, a targeted guidance, make parenting easier! WeChat to pay attention to parenting master (yuerweike) bar!相关的主题文章:

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