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[thirty-fourth] beam Shaoyong diverted when police news anchor [Abstract] from a television anchor, to a criminal investigation police, and then to a high-speed traffic police, 22 years, what made him from a news anchor into safe driving preachers? The mystery of the traffic circle, and some of which broke the rules? Since leaving the Yiyang TV station in 1994, the host of Liang Shaoyong has been working in the traffic safety propaganda posts for 22 years. From the beginning of the fixed tour speech, to the current radio station, the operation of the public micro signal, the handsome and handsome traffic police has become the first person in Hunan safe driving culture. But most people do not know is that he is also the industry’s most vulnerable people. One of the most uncomfortable days of the traffic police in December 27, 2010, it is a day that Liang Shaoyong will never forget. An illegal modification of a tricycle with 20 pupils, on the way to send students to school, accidentally fell into the river side of the road. The icy winter River, 14 young lives in a wink, so quietly left this world. Time and colleagues rushed to the scene, the first thing he saw was the children’s bag, in the cold on the sand land placed into a row. Then an old woman, a fire heap rising field, holding a stiff body has children warm. One side of the people, silently crying, watching silently, who is not willing to expose the reality. Liang lowered his head, and he felt that something had stopped in his throat and eyes. The day of December 27, 2010, he said, was one of the worst days he had ever done. "The worst thing is not you, don’t try to do one thing, but despite trying to do, but still can not save the life" and "because every time I see the tragic traffic accident, see the remains of the victims, their families, and even the accident the driver, they regret the tears. When I see these, I feel deep remorse, because after all, this is my responsibility, because I was doing this, if my program can also attracted to him, he heard a probable outcome would not be like that." At this point, Liang Shaoyong put all his energy into the safe driving culture propaganda. Upright, tell you a true traffic circle in addition to admirable sense of responsibility, Liang Shaoyong also let him upright personality in this circle is very bright. For his work circle, Liang Shaoyong admitted: as long as the national laws and regulations, in line with discipline, there is nothing that can not be said." Traffic police really have a task set?" Is the ticket really tied to income?" In the face of two ordinary people concerned about the problem, Liang police officer gave his answer. "There is no task setting. When the early 90s is not financial reform, fines will become a part of local finance at that time, in the city, the income may be related. But since 2000 the local financial reform, fines as non tax revenue, has been included in the scope of the jurisdiction of the Department of finance, and also has nothing to do with local finance, nature does not exist and income to say." Old.相关的主题文章:

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