This ointment is basically the same price in the second mother to join the army

This ointment is basically the same price in the second mother to join the army reservation "via" cloud: "this is the winter of March, closed tibet. Water ice to crack, no interference between Yang, long nights lying, daylight will be, if Fu Ruo and make records, if it is private, if already, to a cold warm, no leakage of the skin, make the gas to seize. This should be the winter gas, the way to keep possession." Time is the tonic, nourishing the body, on the basis of many years of popular science propaganda on the use of paste has become a lot of people nursed back to health tonic in winter a "compulsory". Reporter learned yesterday from Yueyang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with the temperature gradually decreased, this paste is expected in the next week "in". At the same time, has also recently to paste the appointment peak, in addition to the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, more and more young people and want to "second child" mother who also joined the "army" appointment paste. Paste prices basically unchanged from previous years since the opening of an appointment, then paste outpatient heat has been high, at the beginning of the October Longhua hospital appointment on the first day, the day received a total of 1751 outpatient appointment paste, Shuguang Hospital "Gaofang Health Festival", Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Gaofang clinic also rising popularity. Reporter yesterday learned from the Yueyang Hospital, Gaofang reservation peak is coming, as the earliest start medical paste reservation, booking open since about 1 and a half months, reservation number has broken million, compared to the same period last year the growth of at least 10%-20%. According to Yueyang Hospital outpatient office director Zhang Yanjin introduced this year, the basic price of paste with previous years flat, about two thousand or three thousand yuan. The boiled paste has certain temperature limit, with the recent drop in temperature, is expected to next week, this year will be officially opened "paste". Paste for "three high" crowd and mention the paste outpatient appointment crowd, Zhang Yanjin said, in addition, most of the elderly patients with chronic diseases, young people also increased significantly. "Now many white-collar workers due to work pressure, irregular life, has been a long period of sub-health state, and their emphasis on the physical condition of the increasingly high, I met many young people in the house of the elders eat cream good results, they try to open." Yueyang Hospital chief physician Aman Chang introduced, in addition to patients with chronic diseases, rehabilitation of patients, paste for long-term pressure overload, fatigue, physical weakness, colds, and "three high" people are very applicable. In addition, with the national two-child policy of opening up, more and more women have a "child" intent, but because many prepare pregnant mothers mostly older, will inevitably be affected by premature ovarian failure, various gynecological diseases, fertility as before, so choose a paste for conditioning is also more and more people. According to the Yueyang Hospital chief physician Dong Li introduction, treatment of disease ointment has strong pertinence; and taste pleasant and easy to absorb, medication to ease and stable characteristics, suitable for long-term treatment of chronic disease, for premature ovarian failure due to amenorrhea, infertility treatment has a better curative effect. And with the progress of modern paste making process, the paste side was also given.相关的主题文章:

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