Three young master’s sword architecture the strongest force-queer as folk

"Three young master of the sword" architecture "strongest lakes forces" Sina entertainment news produced by the Bona film group, producer Tsui Hark, directed by Shing Yee, Jiang Yiyan, Jiang Mengjie, Lin update, Peter Ho starring 3D romantic martial arts masterwork "three master sword", has officially scheduled December 2nd to the premiere. Recently, the film side and then released "Jianghu version" notice, notice of the rivers and lakes, the surface is still in people’s heart, the sword of light and others into shape, but secretly a somewhat more stormy, stir the evil plot, seven, big boss, Yanshi San Tang, wallace…… The master and the various forces come on stage, and their goal is only one – three young master! In such a complicated political forces intertwined, the three young master no matter what kind of choice, are bound to set off a wave. In the previous version, Xie Xiaofeng is to give up three master’s identity became Agee, but this is not the same, Tsui Hark and I are going to let him "no way."." Shing Yee said with a smile. "Alone and in thirty thousand" is the first big screen arena of shocking "long version" Notice of an opening, is Gu style classic monologue: "lost the best match, you will lose a friend." "The vast world, but also there are not sad people everywhere?" "The donor, numbered, put down the worry and resentment, there may be a slim chance of survival." Seemingly advised people to put down the obsession, but the style of a turn, murderous fireweed, played by Jiang Yiyan Murong Qiudi as seven Tong "representative" said: "the rivers and lakes are ancestral to the dispute, must not be lost in our hands." With a calm exterior is full of resentment; and the big boss a "kill", the show is the debut of the sinister and persist in wilfully and arbitrarily; the mysterious figure "inside", added a lot of uncertainties for this piece of rivers and lakes. The trailer is wanjian volley in a public enemy, shocking scenes, gorgeous personal show also has the sword cut monument, battle planes; both The scenery is like a picture. arena pattern because you also have the Men’s feelings are changeable. amidst the winds of change, change constantly. Tsui Hark arena is a powerful and unconstrained style Shing Yee as in the past the lustrous and dazzling, lakes but virtually too heavy and helpless, Cologne "alone and in thirty thousand of the two directors in the arena, together to create contrast, first showing a stunning visual effects. Three young master was forced to kill humanity could not escape fate sinister chilling Trailer in addition to show unusual scenes outside the arena, on the three young characters from the parties to do the groundwork. You can see from the trailer, three master’s father forced him to kill Xie Wangsun, "eight years of hard exploration, Yanshi San has only with his death, the mysterious figure" inside "is shouted" since today, martial arts no Xie family! Overweening!" This family slogan. Coupled with the old love Murong Qiudi death love to kill, three young born, known as "the best in all the land" was done by the way of how a target for all, he can get rid of this helpless fate is unknown, but from his face asking "how would you rather die Yanshi San" answer can be learned, although involuntarily, but in the face of life and death).相关的主题文章:

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