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Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau bulletin 10 from the typical case of environmental law in August 2016, the city’s environmental protection system of law enforcement officers were dispatched 6635 passengers, check the enterprises, points 3136 times, filing 102 cases, issued a decision to make corrections in 93; 74 issued administrative penalty decision, which relates to the atmospheric class 5 from class 8 onwards, water and solid waste. Class 3, class 52 illegal construction projects, other 6. Coexistence of fine 5 million 431 thousand and 100 yuan; the implementation of the seizure and seizure of the 2, transferred to the alleged environmental pollution crime of 6, effectively combat and deter all kinds of environmental violations. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Tianjin City Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd. suspected of polluting the environment, such as the case of 10 cases of environmental law to the community bulletin. Tianjin goodpak Electric Bicycle Co. alleged environmental pollution crime case; Hao Xinzhi refinery no hazardous waste operating permit unauthorized disposal of hazardous waste pits by individual case; Zhai Menghong oxidation plant emissions of toxic substances suspected of environmental crimes case; Tianjin extended Container Services Limited the use of underground pipe emissions of toxic substances; Zhang Xinchao lead smelting point illegal disposal of hazardous waste suspected environmental pollution crime case; Tianjin city Ninghe District auspicious warehousing service center construction project violated the "three simultaneous" system and take effective measures to prevent and treat covered dust pollution case; Tianjin Lu Star Entertainment Ltd. laundry branch construction project violated the "three simultaneous" system case; gumeite (Tianjin) rubber metal Hi Tech Co Ltd and construction project EIA in violation of the "three simultaneous" system case; East Jixian County Shigu township second brick factory construction project violated the "three simultaneous" system case; five built in the third construction company concentrated area construction at night in the case of noise sensitive buildings.相关的主题文章:

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