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Tianjin people have a subsidy to see if you have a copy of it? Tianjin people immediately have a subsidy to see if you have a copy? Winter comes, heating subsidies and central heating subsidies will be issued! Who can receive? What is the standard? Winter heating subsidies winter heating subsidies and heating subsidies for central heating. In 2016, the standard has not come out, according to the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security in August this year to the Tianjin network users reply: according to the 2008 – 2015 policy, winter heating subsidies is 335 yuan, workers receive the winter heating subsidies need to work for a full year before they can enjoy, such as working in heating during the full year, the next day can a full year since the date, according to proportion calculation. In addition, there is another winter heating subsidies that central heating heating subsidies, 185 yuan per person, this one does not have a working life limit. On-the-job staff issued by the unit, retired employees from the pension fund. Payment time for these two grants issued in November 15th to next year during the period of payment shall be issued in the form of currency, can not be replaced in kind. These people can apply for the two winter heating subsidies from 2016 onwards, the city each year on the families of disabled persons and more than one residue family to give a one-time winter heating subsidies 400 yuan, benefiting more than 4 families of disabled. Subsidies object with household registration in the city, meet the following conditions of the disabled families can apply for winter heating subsidies: severe disabilities enjoy the minimum living allowance or low income family assistance; spirit, intelligence level three disabled guaranteeing low-income families; more than one residue family. At the same time in line with the conditions of the two families of disabled persons, according to one of the conditions for the application of subsidies, can not be repeated applications. Families with difficulties in the family to enjoy 400 yuan per winter heating subsidies, but also can apply to the civil affairs department for heating subsidies for difficult groups.相关的主题文章:

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