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Tianjin postal savings bank to sell a "swipe" artifact? Is full of traps in the glass Tianjin friends broke the news, Shanxi Road business by the city of Shanxi Road No. 181 China postal savings bank, so close to an announcement: "good news, support card, cash collection and payment and incoming artifact. The post star Yi Fu Tong brush: fee per 0.5%+2 yuan of funds; second to, formalities is simple; the price is only 50 yuan each!". Which cash, artifact and other words to attract a lot of people went to consult. Bank sale cash products meet the requirements? Bo eyeball sales means or the existence of illegal cash phenomenon? The so-called "cash" is how to achieve it? The staff is not shy: personal credit card cash for the afternoon of September 8th, the postal savings bank of Tianjin Shanxi Road business office staff told news reporters, 117 (news117) posted on the glass door of the announcement, indeed they are selling products, "the post star Yi paid through POS machine brush is actually moving, no connection that is, we and other companies to sell products." What is the use of the product? If you are doing business at home, you can buy consumer credit card spending, if personal use, buy direct credit card cash." Staff said. For the specific how to cash and how to buy the question, Shanxi Road sales staff said: with an ID card to pay 50 yuan can get the product off. You are willing to make how to make, it is equivalent to the phone sold to you, you can develop their own functions, their use, and we do not matter." What if the product is wrong? "You’re going to ask our president, we’re just selling products, regardless of the business." Subsequently, the news reporters call 117 (news117) China national postal savings bank 95580 telephone customer service, customer service staff inquiry found that in the system can not be found and the "post star Yi Fu Tong brush related products, can not guarantee the security of the consultation, the launch of the product when the dot. In fact, the major banks have POS machine products, however, are sold to businesses in accordance with the provisions, rather than providing personal identity cards. The Construction Bank Chinese as an example, to achieve "shop", "deposit up to a certain amount and other requirements to meet the conditions of the individual industrial and commercial households, free POS, but must provide proof of business license and other qualifications, information into the banking system business is issued POS machine indispensable link. Illegal cash: ten thousand above belongs to economic crime although the postal savings bank staff admitted that this product can be used to "cash", but how to use, but remained silent. Bank staff Liu told reporters made answer, "for example, with a Xiaoming credit card in the POS machine brush away 10 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan in real time to the payee’s account, the payee may be his friends or family, the payee can take out the money immediately. But this is actually 10 thousand yuan overdraft, the bank’s money. The bank has 20 days of interest free period, in the 20 days)相关的主题文章:

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