Too surprised! You thought you were converted, but maybe not shishangqiyi

Too surprised! You think you converted but may not only satisfy many karma, three conversion ceremony to make converts to ring body (source: Phoenix Buddhist master Wen Zongshun) is the first step to enter the Buddha Dharma. "Yubose by the ring," said: "if a man if a woman, if you can say three of the three converts, the name of Yubose, famous Yi yi." (net three to twentieth) Tsongkhapa "made in LAMRIM" said: "it is converted, in Buddhism, can enter the door." (IV, P. 116) is converted to body is "watershed" and "outside" road. The body can be converted to three, lies in the return of karma as law. Buddhism has been introduced into China for two thousand years, but the conversion has not received due attention. Although after teaching in Dade, three to teach the precepts of the ritual has been gradually complete, in the formal law also will be in accordance with the purposes, however, in three to teach, to practice requirements, but often ignored. Is often the stage singing master and audience of believers unintelligible. Especially some of the German master award to the words with a strong accent, and more, more make the listener a blank. After one or two hours of law would receive a conversion certificate, even taking refuge. As the karma is such as law, believers are converted to body, there are few people. Even some people do a lot of years of "Buddhist", and then control the karma request, he had "no refuge practice", even the "three return character" qualification is a problem, it can not be said to be a serious problem! While some Buddhist after taking refuge, both believe this to teach, and believe what God, for his refuge had broken the fact that I still lost, it is lamentable. Therefore, to emphasize practice achievement and conditions of refuge break lose karma and guardian, is a very necessary thing. The modern Buddhist circles have concentrated on the question of conversion, after the establishment of the Chinese Buddhist Association in 1953, in the year of June. The Congress established, namely according to the definition of "consensus by the Buddhists to three belong to the basic conditions for the". "Modern" in Buddhism subsequently published in the July issue of economic speech "on the Buddhist master basic conditions of" one article, after six months, each have three problems to discuss. However, these articles are from three to three, its body, how to return to the practical significance of the theoretical, only two buried "on the three return to the master" (November) should pay attention to it relates to the problem, but also slightly ominous. As for the broken lost karma and how it is rare to protection. According to the series of "Nanshan law lawyers’ preparation in the home at slightly arranges" (hereinafter referred to as the "access" and "preparation) LAMRIM" (hereinafter referred to as the "wide theory"), "stages of Enlightenment on" (hereinafter referred to as "on") and other books of the exposition, convert practice achievements: a shallow and slightly broken refuge and protection problems such as loss of karma for. [conditions] "to practice achievement prepared in relation to" karma "lead note" pointed out that the necessary conditions are: "samantapasadika" cloud: "and shall be taught, sound sequence. If you do not speak or do not have sufficient, not the name, not so confused." (eighteenth pages) below, we care相关的主题文章:

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