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Treatment of hepatitis B recurrence, so prevention is the key! Sohu Health recently found a lot of patients complain of hepatitis B disease repeatedly, and even began to doubt whether they eat drugs effectively, but the fundamental reason is ignoring the negative after the details of life, leading to recurrent disease. So I will give you a few suggestions, I hope we can reduce repeated! 1, do not premature withdrawal, adhere to the full course of treatment. Premature withdrawal often can not really control the virus down to a low enough, if some factors affect the virus will lead to rapid replication, the final illness repeated. 2, strict observation of acute hepatitis virus markers in acute hepatitis there will be some slight discomfort in the rehabilitation process (liver discomfort, fatigue, loss of appetite, eyes, skin mild jaundice) but be wary of acute hepatitis, is likely to translate into chronic hepatitis, especially for acute hepatitis B patients should be closely observed. If the virus index of hepatitis B virus surface antigen after half a year do not disappear, marking the condition to chronic, then must be timely antiviral therapy. 3, chronic hepatitis B chronic hepatitis also need to adhere to medication under control, we must strengthen our treatment, at least a year before, do not give up halfway, don’t give up the medicine, and regularly to the hospital for an examination, consult a doctor for guidance, must not be arbitrary medication withdrawal, or repeated more painful. 4, a reasonable diet, away from fat in chronic hepatitis patients after discharge, to return to normal daily life, but should be based on protein rich foods, and easy to digest, can not choose high fat and sugar diet, discharge does not represent a cure, or open forfeasting easy to damage liver cells again, the ultimate cause irreversible cirrhosis! 5, regular review, follow-up guidance just got out of the hospital, check regularly 1 times every two months and two half and half, liver index (hepatitis B virus surface antigen, e antigen negative), liver function is normal, every half year review of 1 times, another 1 years, it can be regarded as stable, be relieved. Hope can help you!相关的主题文章:

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